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Mar 05 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How to Get the Perfect Kid’s Bed

Image Source Kids can be surprisingly difficult customers to satisfy. They want a cool bed, but they don’t always know what that involves. They don’t usually understand the concept of a budget either! There are ways to satisfy them if you combine fun and creativity with utilitarian practicality though. The key is getting that balance right. If you get your heads together, it’s not too difficult to come up without great ideas that won’t break the bank. These tips should...

Mar 03 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How To Get Your Child To Sleep In Their Own Bed

Does one of your children wander into your bed each night? Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep because your bed is too full? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Many children go through stages of waking up each night and climbing into their parents bed. And, while once or twice isn’t really a problem, when it’s happening every night it can leave you feeling exhausted and seriously sleep-deprived. (Photo source) To help you get your little ones to stay put in...

Feb 19 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Awesome Decoration Tips For Your Kid’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is very special to them. It’s the first place in their lives that they can call their very own. That’s why I think it’s important to make it an awesome place full of magical nooks and crannies and elements that appeal to their senses and their curiosity. And, hey, you get the chance to create the awesome bedroom you always wanted as a child! Here are some of my decoration tips for anyone taking on a kids bedroom project. Image from Involve...

Feb 11 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How and Why to Get Your Kids Involved in Drama Classes

It can seem like there are million and one activities for your kids to get involved in. Sometimes they enjoy them for a couple of weeks and then move on to the next thing, and sometimes they find something that they fall in love with for life. There are always those few kids in your child’s class who does a different activity for every day of the week, but that’s not realistic for many. Most parents can’t afford to put so much money into extra-curricular activities...

Jan 30 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Find New Hobbies to Keep Your Kids Busy

Obviously you love your kids but there are times when they can get a bit much. Even when they are toddlers, your children can still take up a lot of your time and space. Children have so much energy and such short attention spans. As a result, you might find them plodding around the house complaining of boredom. This can be problematic. You don’t want to neglect your child but at the same time you have important things to do. Children don’t realise when they are a nuisance...

Jan 27 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on New Year Fun for Single Dads

With the festivities over for another year and the kids back to school, we’re all feeling a little worn out from the hordes of friend and family visits. Unfortunately for the single pap however, the kids’ energy doesn’t stop when the Quality Streets are put away, and boredom can quickly set in, particularly at the weekends now they’re back to school. So how do you keep little ones entertained without the help of the good old British summer? And what can...

Jan 25 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Calm Parents, Happy Kids: How to Become a Stress-Free Parent

Becoming a stress-free parent is not an unattainable dream. Sure, kids can get to you. They don’t listen. They leave messes everywhere. They refuse to eat their greens. The school playground becomes the ultimate battlefield, where parents and children test their wits. But, the cuddles, the “I love you” and the pride that you feel, as a parent, overshadows all of this. Work, chores, being a parent and finding the time to still be your person can be stressful. It’s okay...

Jan 25 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Dogs and Young Kids: Managing A Good Relationship

A child’s relationship with the family dog can be one of their most cherished. However, when you first introduce them to each other, you can’t always presume that they will instantly hit it off. There may be a few teething problems which will require careful management. Even if they do become instant friends, there are still things parents should do to ensure the relationship is safe. This post aims to assist parents in preparing for and maintaining a good relationship between...

Jan 21 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on What To Do When Your Kids Take Up All Your Space

When you first hear the news that you are going to have a baby, the elation takes over your entire life. You can’t possibly know how the baby will take over your life though. Pregnancy is full of twists and turns, worries and forward thinking. You may start to buy things for the baby as your due date approaches. Decorating and furnishing baby’s room is one of the most important things for a pregnant woman during the nesting phase of the pregnancy. This important phase means...

Jan 19 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How to help your kids choose the right after school activity
How to help your kids choose the right after school activity

Image courtesy of photostock and Do your kids love after school activities but constantly hop from one to another? As if getting into this habit isn’t bad enough, there is the expense of the wasted club memberships, uniforms and equipment to consider too. Given that, all being said, an extracurricular activity can work wonders for your kid’s confidence, self-esteem and social skills, however, here are our top tips for helping your kid choose, and stick...

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