How To Entertain Your Kids On A Budget

Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 5:40am by Johnny B

Keeping your kids entertained has become an expensive part of life. Gone are the days when a woodland foraged stick or a den constructed from bed sheets and chairs would provide hours of imaginative play. These days parents are required to fork out for the latest gadget in order to keep up with entertainment trends. Additionally, with the Easter and summer school holidays coming up, we need to start saving for holidays and attractions during these peak seasons. But fear not fellow parents! I am here to let you in on a few of my secrets on how to entertain your kids on a budget. Let’s take a look:

Set a comfortable budget (and stick to it!)

Although they can be expensive, you don’t want to deprive your family of those fun outings and activities. But you can manage these expenses by setting a comfortable budget for the occasion and standing firm with it. Make sure your budget is realistic, depending on what you intend to do.

You can check out the KFC menu prices at You can also find out about admission fees for attractions by visiting their websites. To avoid extra costs on a family outing, e.g. expensive snacks and drinks, bring healthier and cheaper alternatives like fresh and dried fruit and bottled water.


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Make your garden awesome!

Slowly but surely it’s beginning to warm up outside, so you kids should be outside playing and enjoying the weather. However, if they think the garden is “sooo boring” it can be a pointless exercise to attempt to encourage them to spend time out there. However, if you put a little effort into pimping up your outdoor space, you can transform it into an irresistible playground for your kids. This task doesn’t require a huge amount of money or effort. Tidying it up and adding a few items like a sand pit, paddling pool, sprinklers, balls, bats and other similar items should do the trick.

Simulate experiences at home

The cost of taking your family to the cinema these days is enough to give you a heart attack! For a much more budget-friendly way to entertain the kids, create a similar experience at home. Using on demand services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, for a small monthly fee you can watch a great range of new and classic family films in the comfort of your own home. So pop on the film, turn down the lights and grab the popcorn and sweets for a frugal (and frankly more comfortable) movie experience.


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Free activities can be fun!

Show your kids that there are other ways to have fun besides playing with the latest games console or gadget. Introduce them to the kind of things you did as a child like exploring outdoors, board games, baking and arts and crafts.

So, there you have it parents! With a little effort and creative thinking, you can offer plenty of affordable entertainment options to your kids. Good luck and have fun!