First and foremost, my name isn’t Johnny Broccolii. No-one is that unlucky.

My first name is John. Johnny Broccoli was suggested by my oldest lad, Christopher, as an ace name for a food blogger, but I won’t go into whose fault it is that the spelling of broccoli is a little bit out… The shame!

I’m a dad, a husband, a plasterer and a blogger. I love cooking, DIY, writing and the Great Outdoors.


Why does this feel very much like I’m writing my profile on a dating website?

Why Write a Blog?

Well, quite simply, because I love food. It’s weird because on one hand I’m the old-fashioned, stereotypical man’s man – I do all the DIY around the house (my wife can’t even hang a picture), know my way around a car engine (to an extent, anyway) and love taking refuge in my garage-come-man-cave building things.

Adoring fan: Oh Johnny, why don't you have your own TV show? It's such a tragedy! You're so much better than Heston!

Adoring fan: Oh Johnny, why don’t you have your own TV show? It’s such a tragedy! You’re so much better than Heston!


On the other hand, on an almost-daily out come the unflattering apron, my “kitchen toolbox” (containing a spatula, whisk, wooden spoon, scales, piping bag, to name but a few items) and a dog-eared recipe book (substituted more recently for online print outs), and I set about creating culinary masterpieces that would inspire the jealousy of Gordan Ramsey.

My wife has got life bloody easy.

My Family

My wife, Linda, and the kids, Christopher, Anthony, Suzanne and Crystal.

My wife, Linda, and the kids, Christopher, Anthony, Suzanne and Crystal.

I’ve been married to Linda for 10 years and in that time we’ve managed to produce 4 quite cracking kids: Christopher (7), Suzanne (6), Anthony (3) and Crystal (16 months). Because they’re my world, I get the feeling I’ll be incorporating them into posts as well, following the 2 golden rules of writing: write what you know and write what you’re passionate about. Consequently, I’ve added a parenting/family category as well.

What Are My Aims For My Blog?

Me doing something other than cooking.

Me doing something other than cooking.

Selfishly, to be an outlet for me to combine my passions of food and writing. It’s a totally self-indulgent space for me to write whatever I want – It’s highly likely I won’t restrict myself to food and family, and will end up ranting about football and politics eventually; it’s only a matter of time.

If people find it useful, or find culinary inspiration from my posts and ideas, I would be over the moon, but I don’t have any great expectations! I’m just a working dad who loves food – there are a million of us out there, I’m sure!




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