10 Quick and Easy Recipes

I like having a bank of quick and easy recipes I can turn to on the days I have little time or energy to put together a master spread for my family. These are 10 little gems I’ve found over the years, and each are much-loved by the whole family.

1. Chicken and chorizo paella


I adore this dish, and considering it sounds so fancy, it’s actually one of the simples recipes I’ve ever encountered.

2. Diet Coke chicken

coke chicken

A true fave with my kids! And 0 calories, so goes down well with the wife as well. The diet coke reduces to form a delicious sticky sauce. Great served with rice.

3. Bagel pizzas


These are both great fun and a fab way of ensuring your kids get some of their 5-a-day into them. The bagel-base is a little healthier than a traditional pizza base as well…

4. Spinach and ricotta cannelloni



A good sauce of iron as well as taste (and great if you’re catering for an vegetarians!).

5. Tuna bake

tuna bake

A classically simple dish, but be creative with what veggies you add to the bake to put your own spin on the meal.

6. Baked turkey burritos


So quick and tasty, I practically leave the kids to prepare these themselves these days. Choose good quality turkey and add fresh salad and this is an incredibly healthy option.

7.  Sweet and sour chicken

sweet and sour

Perhaps not the healthy of options, but definitely a beautiful treat for special occasions, this Chinese inspired dish is certainly a “winner, winner, chicken dinner”!

8. Chicken with creamy bacon penne

chicken and bacon

This is a 10 minute dish, so perfect for when you’re in a hurry. Add whatever veggies you prefer – I think peas, mushrooms, onion and spinach are a good combo.

9. Hawaiian Delight (pork and pineapple)


Great for those with a sweet tooth! Again, add whatever veggies you want, and it’s also possible to sway pork for chicken if you prefer.

10. Beef and mushroom stir fry

Beef and Mushroom Stir Fry

The better the quality of meat, the better this dish will taste! My oldest loves this dish more than anything else I’ve ever made (or so he tells me) :o)

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