The Impact of Divorce on Family Relationships

Posted on Jun 15 2020 - 3:04pm by Johnny B

For couples with irreconcilable differences, divorce might be the only option. Sometimes, it is better to consider looking into divorce, especially if the marriage is starting to take its toll on the family. By contacting those at Sisemore Law, for example, couples could talk through their options and see which is going to be best for their family. Divorce is an option for a lasting solution and peace of mind for parties involved, however, that is not always the case for other family relationships. It would be best to try some form of family therapy beforehand, with experts such as those at offering fantastic services.

Divorces can be brutal, and one may make hasty decisions that may be regretted later. Therefore, before making any decisions, it could be a good idea to consult experts who can be found at the likes of Enrich Relationships (providers of counselling east melbourne) to see if there is a way to avoid a divorce.

The damaged family relations only make things more challenging for the divorcing spouses. Note that divorce is a complicated issue that will affect you both emotionally and financially. Damaged family relationships will add into this stress too. Therefore, you need a Pasadena divorce attorney to help you understand your options and make sure you make the right choices. Here’s how divorce is likely to affect your family.

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Parent-Child Relationships

Some mothers have been reported to deny access to their ex to see their children. The hostility is because of the feeling of betrayal. Even worse, some parents turn their children against their fathers in an attempt to damage their relationship.

Unfortunately, the child suffers more, especially since they are in some kind of a loyalty test. Children are deft on picking sides and this is a clear manipulation of emotions.

Extended Family Support

Brutal divorces no doubt leaves people bitter and often members of the extended family taking sides. When the child is visiting and jumping from one family to another each holiday season, a lot is usually said in ignorance and less consideration of the child’s psychological state.

For instance, uncles or cousins may tell them how their dad or mom is bad because of certain aspects of their parent’s relationships. Instead of emotional support and leaving the mess to the adults, some minors are accidentally included in the chaos.


Hearing all the conflicting arguments leading to their parent’s separation may injure children’s trust in them. Children may feel lied to, especially when both parents don’t talk about the divorce and assume everything will work out.

It is always encouraging that the family has therapy as part of the divorce for process and everyone involved, especially children transition well. It’s right that children understand what marriage is and why people divorce. This ensures that they do not carry any guilt or lose faith marriage.

Parent to Parent Relationship

It’s no secret that things will never be entirely okay between divorced couples. There have been incidences where one estranged partner stokes the other partner who has moved on. The worst part is when children are used for information unknowingly.

Jealousy may get in the way, and child support and even access to the minors may be denied or delayed. This is anger playing out in the co-parenting efforts.