Baby and Children’s Bedroom Sets You’ll Love in 2020

Posted on Nov 9 2020 - 3:07pm by Johnny B

At first sight, the process of selecting furniture for a nursery or children’s room may seem easy and fascinating. However, everything is not so rosy in reality. Firstly, the assortment of interior solutions is so vast that an unprepared person cannot easily navigate through the existing diversity of options. Secondly, besides the “like/dislike” criterion, such characteristics as functionality, safety, and durability come to the foreground. 

The key factor to consider when choosing furniture is safety. Environmentally friendly materials are among indispensable requirements. Avoid buying products coated with varnish, as you can hardly check their composition for toxic substances. In this light, the best option is to order custom-made furniture.

The most reliable company that offers only high-quality and long-lasting products is Dragons of Walton Street. Among the variety of goods, you can find room sets at Dragons’ specialists have extensive experience in creating not only furniture pieces but also accessories and toys. All the items are hand-painted; so, they are truly unique.  

Solutions for children’s rooms provided by Dragons of Walton Street will never be outdated. All the products are decorated with Belle and Boo, Paddington Bear, and Flower Fairies among others. If you want your custom design, Dragons’ specialists will create it given that it does not breach copyright law.  

Only hardwood frames (beech and poplar) are used to craft the furniture. Every item is manufactured to be durable and serve for decades. However, be ready to wait for up to 12 weeks to receive your order, depending on the complexity of operations required to produce the items. Besides, the cost you will have to pay is above average, but isn’t furniture that will pass to several generations worth it?

The professionals from Dragons of Walton Street will save your time and effort. Enjoy the first steps and words of your child and have fun while Dragons will take care of you!