What to Do When Your Child’s Bedroom is Overflowing with Toys

Posted on Jun 18 2015 - 10:05am by Johnny B

Anyone who has children knows how hard it can be to find the storage space to house all their hundreds and thousands (or so it seems) toys. Here’s how to solve the issue.

Have a Clear Out

Children can be pretty stubborn when it comes to clinging on to their old toys. But as they get older, they grow out of certain toys and have no use for them anymore. Talk to your child and persuade them to get rid of the ones they don’t use anymore. This’ll free up a lot of space in the room.

If your child is resistant to giving up their toys, don’t underestimate the power of bribery! You could buy them something new on the proviso that they get rid of all the stuff they don’t use anymore. Then you could have a garage sale and sell the old toys. You probably won’t make much money, but every little helps.

Give Toys a Purpose

To make a room feel more controlled and tidy, you need to give some of those toys a purpose. Not all toys have to be confined to the bedroom. For example, you can put the wagons for kids in the shed or by the backyard door so its closeby to where it will be used. If you have room for it you can put the toy baking oven in the kitchen. Snuggle toys can be displayed on the bed, the list goes on. Toys don’t have to be just for playing with and creating a mess with. They can also act as decorative items if you want them to. They can look good if you put them in the right place, and it’ll stop it looking so messy!

It’s not complicated, you just need to add some shelving and arrange some of the toys on it nicely. This is something that will appeal most to children who are getting a little older and don’t play with toys as much. Just build yourself some shelves and attach them to the wall with brackets and you’re ready to fill them.

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Add a New Storage Area

Sometimes, there’s just too much to deal with though, and you need to create a new storage area in the room. If you’re a DIY master, you could create your own cabinet or wardrobe that offers plenty of space for you to fill with toys. And building a storage unit is actually not as difficult as you might think.

You just need some good quality wood and the right screws and brackets to fix the structure together. Then fix a door on using either hinges or sliding door hardware. For a detailed explanation of how to do this, you can find an online guide. Alternatively, you could just buy one instead of building it!

Use Every Spare Space in the Bedroom

There are lots of areas of a child’s bedroom that can be used for storage, but most of these spaces are left unused. It’s much better to use these spaces than to have toys spilling out all over the room and filling up the floor space. Simply having somewhere to put the toys makes the room appear much neater and tidier.

So, which spaces are there that you can use? Well, every room is different. But you should make the most of the space underneath the bed. You can buy boxes, fill them up with toys that aren’t used so often, and slide them under the bed. Similarly, you can hang nets or bag to the back of the door and fill them with toys.

These ideas should act as useful solutions to your toy-based problems!