The Benefits of Educational Toys

Posted on Dec 28 2016 - 3:24pm by Johnny B

Contrary to popular belief, toys aren’t a waste of time; they can prove to be excellent learning aids for your children. Of course, they also are a good way to keep your children entertained in a healthy and fun manner. That’s where educational toys come in. Educational toys allow children to develop and enhance their social, cognitive, motor, listening, and speaking skills.


Overall, toys are important for young children and you should be selective when it comes to purchasing a toy for your toddler. Here are the different advantages of educational toys over conventional toys.

·        A Child’s Social Skills are Developed

For human beings, social skills are the most important skill they develop when growing up. In order to live in society, young children need to learn to develop and master their social skills; this can be done through educational toys such as board games which will enable them to explore their environment, understand emotions, take turns, learn to share, and coordinate with each other.

·        Their Cognitive Skills are Enhanced

Cognitive skills include the ability to memorise, identify colours, and solve problems. These skills are necessary for young children and they can be easily improved through the implementation of colourful and complicated problem solving toys like puzzles. This will also help them to learn more about sizes, shapes, and numbers.

·        Their Motor Skills are Polished

When young children grow up, they explore their surroundings and learn to interact with it. They also learn to balance themselves and develop their motor capabilities. Hence, providing them with educational toys that allow them to use their vital body parts like fingers, hands, legs, etc. is the best way to help them train their motor skills.

·        Children Learn to Improve their Creativity and Imagination

Young children and toddlers pick up their imagination from toys; therefore, it’s crucial to provide them with educational toys that will allow them to think logically. This in turn helps them improve their creativity and understand their surroundings in a more thorough manner.

·        Children’s Speaking Skills are Improved

Interaction is a vital part of human society and that’s why, young children need to learn to speak, convey their opinions and feelings, and master the proper use of language. Modern toys enable children to do just that by ensuring that they communicate with their peers. For example, older children and adults can offer guidance to younger children, which will be a great way for them to learn to interact.

Toys that have recordings allow children and toddlers to imitate their voices and learn something new like a phrase, greeting or a word. Most of these educational toys are easy to use; you only have to push a button or pull a string.

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Infographic created by MySpectrum, a counseling center