Creating A Games Room For Your Kids? Check Out These Inspirational Ideas!

Posted on Apr 20 2015 - 3:02am by Johnny B

Have you got a spare room in your home? Chances are you’ve been thinking about what to do with it.The obvious choice would be to set it up as a spare bedroom for when guests stay over. But, if you’ve already got such a room set up, it makes sense to repurpose the unused room for something else.

Those of you with children might be thinking of turning it into a games room for your kids. If that’s what you’re planning to do, it’s likely you might need some inspiration. After all; you wouldn’t be here reading this blog post, right? Today I’ll share with you some ideas. They are as follows:



Decorate the room with a theme in mind

The first thing you need to do is create a particular theme for their new games room. I’ve seen some examples of walls painted to look like scenes out of the Super Mario Brothers game! Others might use another game as their theme, like Pacman or Space Invaders.

If you’ve got young kids, make sure the way you decorate the room won’t give them nightmares! Remember: it’s meant to be a fun place to hang out for them, not a scary one. When it comes to carpet, choose a light color as it will go well with any theme you choose.

Make sure that you choose a thick underlay for the carpet, so that it’s comfort for your children to sit or lie down on.

Install a PC

Let’s face it; if your kids are old enough, they will want a computer. I recommend “locking down” the PC you install so that they can’t access any “questionable” websites. Be sure to add Internet security software to it, and set up the firewall so that they can only go online at certain times of the day.

Be sure to add sites like to the web browser’s bookmarks. That way, they can play online games without needing to search for any. The spec of the PC should be good enough that they can also play games through Steam, for example. You might then even want to introduce them to some of your favourite games as a child, perhaps introducing them to something like a paper mario rom or another game from your childhood that they’d be able to play on the PC using an emulator. Doing so could also make your bonding time even more enjoyable!

Gaming consoles

If you’re not big on getting a PC for your kid’s room, you can definitely opt for gaming consoles such as Wii U or Playstation. These consoles offer a wide variety of games, ranging from kids’ games to RPG ones – meaning you both can team up and play too! And if you have a work pc for yourself, you can definitely save the gaming data from your child’s console onto applications such as wiiu usb helper, which can prove to be extremely handy when it comes to game backup.

Arcade machine

Without a doubt, the “piece de resistance” in their games room has to be an arcade machine! Your kids might not have seen many of them so far, but adding one will bring an air of nostalgia and retro gaming to the room! You could even buy neon signs for this particular area to really add a sense of retro style and fun.

The arcade machine you get should be one that is suitable for younger children, of course.

Table football

Are your children football-mad? If so, a welcome addition to their games room has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, a table football game! The brilliant thing about them is that they help to build up creativity, concentration and skill.

Sure; that’s what video games do as well. But, with table football, they don’t need electricity to play it. That means your energy bills will be lower when your kids are in the games room!

So, now that you’ve got some inspiration, it’s time to get busy!