Preventing Porch Pirates

Posted on May 24 2024 - 12:59pm by Johnny B

Retail therapy has a knack for lifting spirits, akin to the excitement of receiving birthday presents when arriving home to a pile of online shopping deliveries. Yet, amidst this joy, it’s crucial to recognize the lurking threat: porch pirates.

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular nationwide, new challenges arise that jeopardize the smooth delivery of your purchases. These porch pirates, opportunistic thieves, lurk in neighborhoods, preying on unattended packages left on porches and doorsteps in hopes of snagging valuable items. Research indicates that approximately 24% of adults have fallen victim to porch piracy, prompting 64% of them to take extra precautions when making online orders.

Your front porch or doorstep becomes a vulnerable target in your absence. Without secure delivery options, the risk of theft escalates. While it might inconvenience you to alter your shipping address or invest in security measures, the safety benefits extend beyond theft prevention. A video security system not only provides visual confirmation of package arrivals but also offers peace of mind and serves as evidence in the event of a police report.

Porch pirates strategically target neighborhoods with high shipment activity to avoid detection. Unfortunately, many package thefts remain unreported due to the replaceable nature of the stolen items. If you fall victim to porch piracy, it’s advisable to contact the seller, file a report, and implement additional safety measures for future deliveries.

As the prevalence of online shopping continues to rise, thieves capitalize on the opportunity to pilfer items. For more insights, refer to the accompanying infographic for additional tips on thwarting porch pirates.

Infographic created by Eye Trax, featuring groundbreaking LPR camera technology