Sunday night pesto

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 1:22pm by Johnny B

Sunday night pestoServes 4


About 30g leaves/herbs
40g grated Parmesan cheese
½ garlic clove, crushed
40g nuts, lightly toasted
Pinch of salt
Grind of pepper
75ml extra-virgin olive oil
Squeeze of lemon (optional)


1. Place the herbs, grated cheese, crushed garlic and the nuts (cooled, after their toasting) in a food processor. Whizz up, season and add the oil. Taste. Add more of what you fancy, and a squirt of lemon juice.

2. This will keep for a couple of weeks in a lidded jar in the fridge — just make sure there is a layer of oil over the top. Alternatively, freeze in ice cube containers and pop in a freezer bag for long-term storage.


• Parsley, walnuts and Stilton
• Rocket/arugula, pine nuts and Parmesan
• Basil, pine nuts and Parmesan

The Crumbs Family Cookbook by Claire & Lucy McDonald is out on September 11, published by CICO Books (£16.99).