Why are Sliding sash Windows becoming so popular in Scotland?

Posted on Nov 17 2017 - 4:55pm by Johnny B

Many of you out there already know that elegant and beautiful looking sliding sash windows, have made quite an impact on lots of homes in Scotland, and other places recently. Large numbers of homeowners have decided to not only make their homes look a much nicer place to live, but also feel a lot nicer also.

And, as all of them discovered after having them fitted, it then made sense why so many people are choosing them over other duller looking kinds of windows.

So, just what is it about these wonderful windows that is making people smile?

From Old and Tired to New and Sleek

  • As more people start to find the design of sash windows appealing because of their versatility and durability, given the choice of other designs, homeowners may choose them over others.
  • As many people have noted that they’re pleasing to look at and give any home a much more exclusive look to it. And are the very best way to upgrade from the old and tired, sliding sash windows of yonder past.
  • Should you be considering any home renovating and looking at some great looking sliding sash windows in Scotland, ensure that you get them from seasoned professionals in the window business who only deal with first class quality windows.

Common Terms that are used with Sliding Sash Windows

  • The jamb is the part that is fixed into a home’s wall and normally not replaced.
  • The sill is the bottom of the jamb.
  • The sill piece that extends into the room is called the stool, even though most folk will call it the “windowsill”.
  • A sash is that part of the window that is joined with glass.
  • When a pane requires replacing, the sash and the glass will need removing.
  • The vertical parts of the sash are called the stiles, and the horizontal parts the rails.
  • A double-hung window is made from two sashes, the upper and lower.
  • An upper sash will slide downwards to open, but in nearly all cases the lower sash slides upwards to open.
  • The lower rail of the upper sash and the top rail of the lower sash overlap if windows are closed.
  • The overlapping rails are called check or meeting rails.

And For the Windows

  • All pieces of glass in windows are commonly known as panes (or lights).
  • In the past, mixes of the panes were not uncommon, such as in the twelve-over-twelve design of two sashes of double-hung windows.
  • This style of alignment in window panes is so visually appealing that they are also now making a big comeback in Scottish homes.

Green and Eco – Friendly

  • Should they be of a high quality and installed skilfully, sliding sash windows will not allow for any more loss of heat than any other kind of window out there on the market today.

Popular? Sliding sash windows are not only becoming more popular, they’re certainly here to stay!