Dads, it’s time to come home

Posted on Jul 11 2019 - 6:16am by Johnny B

As a dad, it’s important to be around for your children. So many fathers spend their whole lives working, only to realise and regret their mistake when it’s too late. Kids need to see their dads constantly, not watch them walk out the front door to return from the office 12 hours later. From helping with homework to doing the school run, don’t miss out.

Some companies offer flexible working options these days, but most still don’t appreciate a father’s responsibilities at home. Who knows, maybe in 50 years time, we’ll all be able to log onto our laptops and not have to resort to asking our boss for an hour off to make a dentist’s appointment (or similar such nonsense).

So, in the meantime, what’s a guy to do? Well, you could start your own business, but that’s risky. Who knows if you’ll be successful and if you aren’t, you’ll have to get a full-time job again and could ultimately be in a worse situation than you were in the first place.

Well, have you ever considered becoming a driving instructor? There are loads of reasons why this might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. For starters, teaching someone to drive is awesome. Cars are great fun to drive, you’re on the roads every day seeing real life (instead of being chained to a desk) and you’re staring unpredictability in the face. You’re also doing something extremely meaningful and worthwhile. We all remember learning to drive and passing our test. That feeling of accomplishment is unmatched and an event that will stay with us forever.

From a job satisfaction and general wellbeing point of view, it’s a great option. But the other reason that teaching people to drive is awesome is because of the flexibility that this kind of job gives you. Most driving schools let you choose your own hours and location, so you’re in charge of when and where your teach pupils.

That’s huge. You no longer have to ask permission to do anything. You’re the boss. If you’re busy with the kids, teach less. If they’ve got loads on and you’re available for work, you’re good to go. And also, you can usually set your own prices. Again, this flexibility works well with parenthood. If you need extra cash, bump up your prices. If not, go a bit lower with your quotes and adjust as necessary.

When people talk about becoming a driving instructor, then tend to think about just delivering weekly lessons to a handful of students – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not specialise in offering intensive driving course? These crash courses are great value, as they’re delivered over a certain period of time (maybe 1-4 weeks) and normally always get the desired result.

What’s more, you can earn a decent amount of cash from an intensive course, as learners will pay upfront for the privilege of learning to drive and passing their test quicker. It’s basically a win-win. They get the result they want quicker and bypass the whole painful ‘learn weekly for 14 months’ scenario (as is the average timeframe for a learner in the UK). They save time and money, whilst the instructor gets paid a good chunk in advance for delivering all the lessons. They also get to teach in block sessions, meaning they can go all in and work flat out for a couple of weeks, then take some time off.

For parents (and dads in particular), it’s the perfect working environment. So you could be wondering how to become a driving instructor? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s pretty straightforward. To become an advanced driving instructor, you need to take a few tests – a theory test, a driving test and a test that examines your ability to teach.

It’s not that much of an ask, especially if you compare what’s required to start a new job and create a business. There’s little in the way of start-up costs – you simply ensure that you’ve got access to a car, register for work and that’s it.

And once you’re a driving instructor, you’ll be the envy of every other parent. From looking after the kids during school holidays to arrange play dates, nothing is off the agenda anymore. You’ll be around more and be able to enjoy seeing your children grow up. And what could be more important than that?