6 Best Destinations to Visit in 2023

Posted on Dec 29 2022 - 10:03am by boss

As we prepare to step into 2023, you need to start planning for the year ahead. Apart from planning for your work, you also need to plan your holidays. You will probably travel to different places when you get a holiday. You can decide in advance where you want to travel for vacations in 2023.

There are many great destinations, some of which are hidden gems. If you want to enjoy amazing travel experiences in 2023, then you must visit the top travel destinations. To make your work easier, we have listed six of the best destinations in the world. Make your travel itinerary today by including one or more of these awesome places.

6 Best Travel Destinations

1. New Zealand

The tiny island country of New Zealand is known for its amazing scenery. If you want to have a great time at festivals, then do visit Auckland. From a lantern festival to a Pacific island cultural festival, there are many events that are going to happen next year. You can plan your visit, so you can be a part of the festival. Another place you can visit is Queenstown, which is referred to as the adventure capital of the world.

If you like thrilling activities like bungee jumping or a K Jet ride, then Queenstown is the place to go. It goes without saying that you can experience the beauty of nature at its best here. Amazing mountains and lakes are in abundance with excellent accommodation options. It is, of course, a familiar place for LOTR fans and is a family-friendly destination.

2. Egypt

Now that the political situation in Egypt is stabilized, visitors are showing a renewed interest in Egypt. This year, Egypt hosted the Climate Summit setting the stage for visitors to explore this amazing country. The world’s largest archeological museum is slated to open in Giza in 2023. You need to plan a visit to see this museum. A new capital is also on the cards along with many other developmental plans for Egypt’s growth.

An Eco resort has opened in the Red Sea, which is another reason to visit Egypt. The pyramids are of course the top reason why you should visit Egypt. The Sphinx and many other attractions beckon you to the deserts of Egypt. It is also one of the affordable destinations in the world. With many beaches, sunny weather, and a lot of things to see Egypt is a city you must visit.

3. Kenya

An African safari is a great vacation idea. Kenya is one of the top safari destinations thanks to the large number of national parks in the area. Nairobi has great hotels including many innovative hotels that promote local brands. There are many farm-to-fork restaurants that offer the best of local cuisine that will leave you asking for more. Plan a Kenyan holiday to enjoy all this and more.

Apart from the safari, do visit the local Masai village and spend time with the friendly people. It is a great way to learn about local culture. There is hiking available at Ol Njorowa Gorge for those who like physical activity. You can get an amazing view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you are a photography enthusiast, then Kenya allows you to showcase your skills. You can get some of the best photographs during your Kenya holiday.

4. Bhutan

This Himalayan kingdom has a unique and distinctive approach to tourism. It asks tourists to pay $250 per day as a tourism tax. This is done to ensure responsible tourism. Their sustainable approach to tourism is in line with their philosophy of ensuring Gross National Happiness. Bhutan is proud of its Buddhist tradition and its temples & palaces showcase the tradition. It is as close a place as you can get to Shangri-La.

70% of the country has forests. The beautiful scenery amidst the breathtaking mountains is a treat for tourists. Photographers will love clicking photos in this wonderful place. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is a must-visit place perched at the top of a mountain. Don’t miss visiting the weekend market in Thimpu to buy authentic Bhutanese products. The unique cuisine is something you must not miss out on trying.

5. Jamaica

A holiday in the Caribbean islands is truly idyllic. Relax by the beach sipping a drink of your choice surrounded by blue waters. Sit back and the sounds of the waves beckon you. Jamaica has the best to offer when it comes to a beach holiday. Sandy beaches, great mountains, excellent food, and friendly people; what more do you want from a tourist destination? Once you reach here, you will not want to go back.

Reach falls in the middle of a rainforest is a place that you must not miss out on visiting. The famous Blue Lagoon is a destination that calls for a bit of adventure to reach. The Bob Marley museum and the National Gallery will help you understand the rich history and culture of the Caribbean. There are many beaches that compete with each other to get your attention. Seven Mile Beach and Frenchman’s Cove are two places that should be on your itinerary.

6. Malta

This archipelago has everything that a tourist expects. There are prehistoric temples and cliffs studded with fossils. Enjoy the beautiful waters even as you experience scuba diving and other activities. Malta is a perfect blend of the historic and the modern. You can enjoy a pleasant stay in its modern capital Maletta while visiting historic sites spread across the country.

Malta allows you to enjoy a Mediterranean experience like never before. You can enjoy delicious cuisine that brings in elements of the Middle East and Sicily. The Hypogeum is a necropolis that will have you spellbound. The Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum has the remains of micro-mammals and dwarf elephants. Visit the Grand Master’s palace to understand local history. St. Peter’s pool is a natural swimming spot where you can also enjoy sunbathing. There is something for everyone in this island republic.

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