Pippa Middleton’s full English frittata

Posted on May 4 2014 - 1:38pm by Johnny B

Pippa Middleton’s full English frittataServes 8 (makes 2 frittatas)


4 tbsp olive oil
6 sausages, cut into chunks
12 slices streaky bacon, cut into bite-sized pieces
400g baby Portobello or small flat mushrooms, halved
16 cherry tomatoes, halved
16 free-range eggs
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
150g cheddar, grated


1. Preheat the grill to high.

2. Divide the oil between two 26cm oven-proof frying pans and heat, then divide the sausages between the pans.

3. Sauté for a few minutes to colour them before adding half the bacon to each pan.

4. Continue to cook for a further 2-3 min. Add the mushrooms to each pan, and fry for 5-6 min.

5. Divide the cherry tomatoes between the pans and cook for a further minute.

6. In a bowl, whisk the eggs and season generously. Pour half the egg mixture into each pan and cook over a gentle heat for 8-10 min to set the base. Scatter half the cheese over one frittata, then transfer the pan to the grill and cook for 4-5 min or until lightly golden and set. Do the same with the remaining cheese and the second frittata. When the frittatas have cooled slightly, cut each into wedges to serve.

Extracted from Celebrate by Pippa Middleton (Penguin), £25 hardback