The Secret to Getting Baby on a Sleep Schedule

Posted on Oct 28 2021 - 8:56am by Johnny B

If you’re new parents, you know that getting baby on a sleep schedule can be pretty tough to do. But what if I told you that it really isn’t as hard as it seems? There are lots of simple and effective ways to help your baby get on and stay on a sleep schedule. Use these ideas, and you’ll be cozying up with your sweet little angel at night in no time!


Napping Before Bedtime

Napping before bedtime is essential in getting baby to sleep through the night. It helps stimulate melatonin, which in turn helps baby settle down and get quality shut-eye. Experts recommend that babies nap in their crib right after they eat, especially when it comes time for them to sleep through the night. Putting your baby in their crib awake is an important part of helping them learn how to fall asleep by themselves. Getting in the routine of using a baby sleep sack can also help baby know and feel when it’s their sleep time.


Establish Consistent Meal Times

Your baby might not be very hungry at naptime. A common mistake new parents make is trying to feed their baby during nap time, thinking he’s hungry. More likely, he just wants company. Keeping meals consistent will help your baby understand when it’s time for food and prepare him for his next scheduled meal—not necessarily naptime. If you can get your baby on a more predictable sleep schedule, he’ll soon realize that certain activities are only supposed to happen at certain times of day (like going down for a nap or having dinner with mommy). Incorporating routine into bedtime is another great way to set up an appropriate sleeping environment that will encourage sound sleep.


Establish Consistent Nap Times

Establishing a consistent bedtime routine is an important aspect of getting baby onto a sleep schedule. Make sure you start winding down activities at least an hour before his bedtime; that will help him relax and set him up for success when it comes time for sleep. A bath, short story, massage, song, or even bottle (for babies who aren’t nursing) can all serve as calming elements of your baby’s bedtime routine. In fact, if your baby is used to having some sort of winding-down activity around bedtime from birth, he’ll find it easier to fall asleep later as well as throughout childhood.


Establish a Consistent Bedtime Routine

Consistency is key when establishing a sleep schedule. Establishing a bedtime routine with your baby will help ensure she gets enough sleep each night. A good way to make sure you’re providing structure and consistency for your baby is by setting up her own little sleeping area. This also allows you and your baby to spend some extra time together before she goes down for her nap or bedtime. So, if you’re looking for tips on how to get baby on a sleep schedule, you must start by creating and sticking with a regular bedtime routine for both of you. Bathe him every night before bed, change him into organic baby clothes such as comfy fitting jammies or a Sandstone Avenue newborn knotted gown. Dimming the lights as you rock baby to sleep can also help wind him down.

To get baby on a sleep schedule, you need to put baby down at consistent times. It doesn’t matter if she wakes up one hour or three hours later, just as long as you stick with your regular nap schedule. When she consistently wakes at 7 am or 8 am, then move that wake time earlier. The more you’re consistent, the more you’ll get to adjust the times to go along with the schedule you’re looking for.