Keep the kids fit and active during the summer break

Posted on Aug 3 2021 - 4:38pm by Johnny B

The summer break is here, and that means six weeks of keeping the kids entertained. Having the little ones at home for that long period of time can be costly, stressful and chaotic. During this time it is so important to keep the children active, and not let them sit around lounging on the sofa watching tv or playing on their digital consoles and phones a great way to do this is to get them into a port for example Baeeball and keep them entertained and help them to learn all the tips and tricks of the sport such as On-base plus slugging and many more.

Learn how to keep the kids fit and active during the summer break without having to leave the house every day!

1. An outdoor activity

Playing out in the garden for an hour or two will allow the kids to get a breath of fresh air whilst they run around and explore the great outdoors. Setting up a play area in the garden with a climbing frame, toy box and other garden bits will give them something to look forward to every morning. In addition to creating this area, you can confidently let the kids out in the garden knowing they are content and have enough to play with. Throughout the summer you can host special themed days such as an Olympic sports day, a bug hunt or a garden water park. Remember that in summer it can get incredibly hot, especially with low cloud cover, so bring them in during peak sun hours and give them cool drinks and food in an air-conditioned room. If your air conditioner is not working properly, then it is important you get this fixed asap with Air Conditioning Maintenance services in your local area.

2. Arts and crafts

Creativity stimulates the mind and gets the imagination going. Painting pictures, clay modeling, and coloring-in are fun yet educational activities that can easily be incorporated within the day during the summer holiday. Let them get creative as they want and create their own invention. Alternatively, set them a challenge to draw/paint something specific out in the garden, this way the mess is easier to clear up (an added bonus). In case you want them to enjoy the summer warmth while carrying out these activities, you can arrange the art and craft session in the backyard of your house, or in the garden area. Better yet, you can set up a summer house in the garden, such as those offered by Scotts Thrapston, where the kids can engage in all the creative pursuits without being distracted.

3. Sports

Get them involved in sports, whether that’s joining a club or taking part in a sport as a family. A trip to the local park to play rounders, football or even something simple as a frisbee is a fun way to get the children out, running around. Purchase different equipment from a local sports shop, toy store or supermarket so they can easily choose the sport of the day. This is also a great way to identify what they like doing, what sports they prefer participating in and where their talents may lie.

4. Summer Club

Summer clubs are a great and fun way to get your children out in their 6 week holidays. It gives them routine, develops their social skills, keeps their minds stimulated and most importantly entertained. As much as you want to give them a break from school, joining a summer club is the perfect way to keep them active and fit whilst having as much fun as possible. Taking part in different activities, sports and spending time with children their own age is an opportunity that works for the kids as well as you as a parent.

5. Let them set the theme

Instead of having set activities for each day, let them choose the theme for the week and create fun events based on that. Letting them take the lead will help them develop their skillset from their creativity, leadership and independence. The activities can range from doing something alone to having a family fun day.

Incorporate some of these activities into the summer break and keep the kids fit and active all in a fun, adventurous way.

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