Making the Shift to Growing Your Own Produce

Posted on Dec 30 2014 - 9:02am by Johnny B

Let’s face it; there is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to saving money and maximising your health, it may be wise to grow your own produce. Making the shift from shop bought food to home-grown fruit and vegetables can seem a little scary. But, you don’t need to worry. On the contrary, there are some practical ways that you can make the shift and lessen your dependency on wholesalers. You can make sure that the food that you buy and consume is grown exactly to your own tastes. If you hate the thought of chemicals on your produce, you can actively avoid it.

There are some fantastic ways that you can make the shift. Now is the time to put your health first. Here is how you can make the change into growing your own produce.

Indoors Versus Outdoors Growing

Some people want to ensure that their harvest is a successful one. With this in mind, they choose to grow their own produce indoors using grow lighting. The great thing about growing produce within the confines of your home is that you can ensure that you don’t lose your harvest. Growing your produce outside can be tricky for the fledgling gardener. After all, inclement weather and birds can see your crop vanish. So, if you are new to the world you may want to consider growing a small amount of produce indoors. When you become more experienced, take your crop outside. That way, you can minimise losses.

Do Your Research

Research is vital. You need to make sure that you are growing crops that are in season. For example, strawberries are a summer fruit. So, you are not going to successfully grow them in December. Think about what crops you want to cultivate. You may want to grow herbs, fruit or vegetables. You may want something more versatile like potatoes or corn. Whatever you decide to grow, make sure that you do your research. There is a wealth of support online. This can tell you tips and tricks for growing your produce in a more efficient way.


Image Source: I Love Butter

Considering Your Soil Options

Did you know that the healthier the soil, the tastier your crops will be? You need to make sure that you are getting a good, quality soil when you start growing your own produce. This is because a better quality soil will have a greater nutritional value. The microorganisms in the soil ensure that your produce is healthy, free from blemishes and tastes fantastic. Consider growing your produce in containers to start with. You can conduct a PH test in your compost. If it isn’t up to scratch, dig out pots and containers and make sure that you are growing tasty vegetables and fruit. If you choose to plant your produce outside, take a look at using quality compost alongside your soil. This means that you can have a greater crop and harvest that looks and tastes fantastic.

Making the shift need not be difficult. You can do it cheaply and efficiently. What is more, you can feed your family in a more sustainable way.