Keep Your Kids Playing Outside

Posted on Jan 15 2015 - 1:42am by Johnny B

In the world dominated by technology it even our children’s lives. In days gone by former generations of kids would spend hours playing outside. They would go on bike rides, roam the local woods and play football until it was time to come in for their tea. But all this seems a distant memory today.


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These practical elements have all been replaced by technology. Where once children played outside now they sit indoors. Their social lives are dominated by televisions, video games and smartphones.The only lengthy exposure kids may get to the outside world these days is family trips out.

It could be that the dangers of the modern world make parents more paranoid about letting their children play outdoors. This is, of course, sensible. But there does need to be a way to allow both.

The internet can be just as dangerous as the outside world. It’s also quite difficult to know what kind of a psychological impact it could be having on your children.

You need to find a way to protect your children, but also to encourage them to play outdoors. Being inside all day and night is not healthy for their social interactions. It can also expose them to the dark side of the internet and things like cyber bullying.

So how can you get your kids to play outdoor? And most important, how can you get them to keep doing it?

Build a treehouse

You want to give your kids an incentive to play outdoors. To do this, you need to excite and entice them. Children can get bored easily. As such it is important to capture their imaginations. Let them know the possibilities that the great outdoors provide.

One of the best ways to do this is to build a treehouse. You can collect wood from the local area and visit your local timber merchant to get the necessary materials. A treehouse will add a sense of excitement to the backyard and will entice the kids with the promise of adventure.

Have a ‘no technology’ day

Another great way to encourage the kids to enjoy playing outside is to have a ‘no technology’ day. Pick one day of the week where no one in the house can use technology of any kind. This will be difficult at first, and there will be a lot of resistance but eventually the kids will get used to it and may even enjoy it.

This will encourage them to use their brains and imaginations outside of looking at screens. There could be issues if the weather is bad and the kids can’t go out and play. But you can fix this by encouraging board games and creativity rather than reverting back to technology.

Establish rules

One of the most important aspects of having your children play outside is to establish rules. Be clear with the kids right away what rules you are setting for them.

Also, make sure that you show an interest in what they do outside. This will allow you to spot any red flags but will also keep your child engaged. Talking about their activities may encourage them to enjoy it more.