Find New Hobbies to Keep Your Kids Busy

Posted on Jan 30 2015 - 10:11pm by Johnny B

Obviously you love your kids but there are times when they can get a bit much. Even when they are toddlers, your children can still take up a lot of your time and space. Children have so much energy and such short attention spans. As a result, you might find them plodding around the house complaining of boredom. This can be problematic. You don’t want to neglect your child but at the same time you have important things to do.

Children don’t realise when they are a nuisance and as such may not be able to read signs that they’re getting in the way. You want to keep your kids occupied. But of course you don’t want them sitting around playing video games all day. You want to broaden their experiences and increase their capacity for adventure and excitement. So here are three hobbies you can encourage them to take up that will help do this.


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Sports are a fantastic way to keep your kids occupied and out of trouble. They will learn skills and nurture talents that they may take into later life with them. Sports also teach children the value of competition and how to deal with losing. It’s also important for developing their teamwork skills and enhancing social interactions. There are so many sports available to your children that you should be spoilt for choice. Find out what their interests and hobbies are and try to select a sport that links with these. There should be a lot of local sports teams and opportunities in your local area. It’s important to get your kids out of the house and keep them active. Being part of a sport promotes teamwork and can help them connect with their peers, it is also good to take a look at fundraising ideas ( to help sports teams get the equipment they need as well as the uniform, so they can be a real team.


A more unusual hobby that you might try to encourage your kid’s interest in is magic. Magic is something often popular among children. But for your child to have the chance to learn and create their own magic will surely be appealing. Quite apart from being fun magic is valuable in several other ways. For a start, it can help in vastly improving your child’s powers of logic and deductive reasoning. Magic is illusion, and so it helps your child to consider things in a logical and rational manner. This will seep into other areas of their life and could help them in school and their careers. For the latest and best in magic supplies visit There’ll be a wealth of options and choices at your disposal. So you should have no problems finding something to pique your child’s interest.


Art is a great hobby to encourage your children to get involved with. It breeds creativity that is a vital part of life. Art doesn’t have to be limited to simply drawing and painting. Performing can be an art form. The same with photography and writing. Art broadens the mind and expands the imagination. It helps children to form opinions and interpret events in the world around them. But perhaps the biggest advantage of art is that it is expressive. This is a great ways for your children to channel and deal with their emotions. It is a healthy outlet for them to work out their anger or upset over something. Many kids with a close affinity with art may grow to love it, and it could develop into a promising career path.