Everything You Need to Know About Travelling With Your Kids

Posted on Jan 13 2015 - 7:27am by Johnny B

If you’re soon to go travelling with your kids, it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive. While adults like to be entertained, children need to be entertained. There’s a difference! Children’s needs are very different from an adult’s, and it’s important they are met, especially when taking them to a foreign place. Of course, it may all depend on how old and mature your child is. They each have their own personalities after all. Here’s everything you need to know about travelling with your kids:

They Still Need a Routine

Kids still need a routine, even when they’re on holiday. This will stop them from getting grumpy or misbehaving too much. Try to keep your rising time and bedtime the same each day, with similar meals and snack times. This will make it easier for them to adjust to being in a foreign place.

They Have Short Attention Spans

Kids have short attention spans, especially the very young ones. If you plan on going sightseeing or visiting museums with very young kids, it may be wise to take them to a playgroup at your hotel. Your child will more than likely get bored and restless, which can cause all kinds of problems for you.

You’ll Need to Bring Home Comforts With You

Home comforts are a must when travelling with kids, and I don’t just mean bringing them on the plane either. You might need to bring them out with you every day just to keep them occupied. Perhaps there’s a sort of ‘comfort toy’ they go for at home; bring that. You can also bring toys to keep them quiet, such as a child’s tablet or music player. Make sure you stay in a nice, safe hotel, such as one offered by Venere. This will give you peace of mind and may stop your kids from missing home too much.

Expect Temper Tantrums and Mild Crisis

As perfect as you’d like your holiday to be, you will more than likely experience temper tantrums and at least one mild crisis. It’s all part and parcel of travelling with kids, I’m afraid.

The Person Closest to You on the Plane Will Probably Hate You

Don’t expect to make friends on the plane if you’re travelling with kids. They will more than likely hate you. Your kid might cry, whine, kick the seat – heck, even the presence of kids can be annoying for some people. Try to ignore them and enjoy your flight.

You Should Book Things for You to Do in Advance

Don’t just show up to a foreign country and expect to find things to do there and then. You need to research and book in advance to secure your place. Otherwise, you could end up with some very bored, unhappy children!


image source: Sankara Subramanian

It might sound like I’m catastrophizing a little, and maybe I am. But you do need to be prepared for anything that this trip with your kids may throw at you. It takes a strong, confident couple to travel with their kids. You’ll more than likely feel on edge most of the time, and you’ll feel as if you must be on your guard constantly to protect them from any dangers. Isn’t that how you feel anyway though? Enjoy!