Awesome Decoration Tips For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Posted on Feb 19 2015 - 3:27am by Johnny B

A child’s bedroom is very special to them. It’s the first place in their lives that they can call their very own. That’s why I think it’s important to make it an awesome place full of magical nooks and crannies and elements that appeal to their senses and their curiosity. And, hey, you get the chance to create the awesome bedroom you always wanted as a child! Here are some of my decoration tips for anyone taking on a kids bedroom project.


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Involve your kids in the project

If they are old enough, I think it makes sense to ask your children what they want in their new bedroom. You know what children’s imaginations are like; they are crazy! So you might end up with some totally out there ideas that would never work. But they’ll maybe have an opinion on colours, patterns and themes that could help you create something close to that amazing bedroom of their dreams. I would be careful not to do anything too specific (like a shrine to Bob the Builder) as they are likely to grow out of it and move on to another interest pretty soon.

Multi-colours are always a winner

The brighter the better I say (and I think your children would agree). Plenty of colours, will make their bedrooms a lively and fun area to be in. If you don’t want the room to look like a rainbow has thrown up in there, focus on one central shade for the biggest areas, like the walls. Then use pops of different, but matching, colours throughout the room, in the bed linen or the curtains, for example.

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Have fun with the furniture

You can get really cool kids’ beds these days; in shape of boats or double decker buses. So browse around and choose something fun and functional. Most kids will love bunk beds, and these are a great idea if you are short on space. Bunk beds that have a desks and wardrobes below, instead of a second bed, look great and are really functional. For young children, you should check out bedroom teepees. They look awesome and will provide hours of playhouse fun for the wee ones. Additionally, they are a great place to store toys when they are not being used.

Add some educational items

As well as a place to relax and have fun, your kids will also use their bedroom as a place to learn. Whether that’s exploring a new hobby, listening to a bedtime story, or doing their homework. If you want to add a few touches to encourage their learning and development, a variety of books, wall charts and posters and educational toys are all ideal additions. A place for them to read like a comfortable chair, a window seat or a desk will also work very well.

Now it’s over to you to create an awesome bedroom for your little boy or girl. With all the colours, fun furniture and educational elements, I can guarantee you will have just as much fun in that room as they do!