Why Are Paper Bags Better than Plastic for Takeaways?

Posted on Jan 23 2019 - 3:39pm by Johnny B

If you run a takeaway business, be it a woking kebab house, or a seaside fish and chip shop – whatever you run, you’ll already know that a few bags are generally needed for every order that goes out. Given the number of orders taken each year, it makes sense to give some thought to which bags you use. Many takeaways still utilize single-use plastic bags, but paper delivery bags actually make a lot more sense, and here are just a few reasons why.


When you look at pricing, you’ll often find that plastic and paper bags are roughly the same price. However, you might not be taking government charges into account. The UK government has already enacted a fee of 5p per single-use plastic bag against larger retailers, and they’re currently considering expanded that program while upping the charge. Keep yourself ahead of the curve and avoid any unexpected fees by switching to paper before you’re forced to.

Easy to Brand

One problem with single-use plastic bags is that they bunch up when held. In contrast, the sides of paper bags stay relatively flat, which provides a better canvas for branding. Simply adding your takeaway’s name and logo can help improve people’s initial impression and drum up more future business. The next time someone orders a takeaway for their friends, your branded paper bags will expose the whole room to your business.

Perfectly Breathable

One serious issue with single-use plastic bags is that they don’t breathe very well. Takeaways usually include hot meals. As the food gives off heat, condensation can form inside a plastic bag. Paper bags don’t suffer from the same problem since they are relatively breathable.


Finally, keep in mind how bad single-use plastic bags are for the environment. They cannot be easily recycled, so most end up sitting in landfill or getting into the ocean. Paper bags can be easily recycled and reused, so they help your business strike a more eco-friendly tone that customers often respond well to.