Top 5 Innovative Promo Products That Will Make your Brand Stand Out

Posted on Sep 26 2016 - 6:10pm by Johnny B

When it comes to business, it is vital that you stand out from your competitors. In the words of Erica Buteau, “When it comes to being in business, you are always going to need an edge” ( One of the best ways to do this is through marketing. Promotional products are one important tool for the company’s advertisement and marketing purposes. Envision any of these products with the company’s logo or brand name or icon on its front and see how it can affect your customers to patronise your brand more. Not only are these products practical to use and durable, but they are also intended to create a strong connection with the customers and build relationships. These are innovatively and technologically designed to make the brand known to customers. Here are the top 5


1. Stylus Pen and Screen Cleaner in one

This is a stylus pen with a uniquely designed screen cleaner on top. It is innovated with a smiley face on which you can maximise to suit your company logo or mascot, and its hair is made from fibre materials, which are intended for screen cleaning. This is very practical and stylish for a promotional item, but it offers a fun and unique way of satisfying and entertaining the customers.

2. Digital Jump Rope

This digital jump rope is a great promotional item for businesses that offer gym and fitness facilities. This jump rope is innovated with digital counter for up and down and a tracker for the calories burned in the activity. It also displays the time used up in jumping. As it helps your customers stay healthy, your sales may also increase and become productive, especially when other friends or family are encouraged to avail your services, too.

3. LED Colour Changing Clear Ice cube

This promo product is a very entertaining ice cube for kids and for adults. It is powered by a high quality and long lasting battery to power on the LED light. It changes colour when placed on liquid. It can be personalised to suit the promotion of the company, and it is a very practical item for businesses that offer beverages and other drinks. This is perfect for bars and clubs and on other events that promote party favours or event organisation.

4. Can and or glass holder

This item can be produced in different colours, different designs, and different heights. The insulated coolies help keep the condensation at bay, which keeps the can at its temperature for long. Its foam material eliminates the sweating and wiping off the droplets from the can is no more needed. It can be stored conveniently, too, because this promotional tool is made to be collapsible. Reach out your customers with this item and promote your brand by putting your logo on its front space.

5. Keychain and key light in one

This keychain is made with custom LED light. It is an innovative style of key chain as it comes with flash light. It comes with LED light powered by a high quality long lasting battery. A simple press and hold on its button will turn on the LED white light. Its sleek shape and size fits into a wallet or pocket. The flat surface is ideal for the company logo.