The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To Decorate The Exterior Of Your Home

Posted on Oct 7 2015 - 10:45am by Johnny B

For homeowners, we tend to focus on the inside and not the outside. When it comes to renovation, there is a desire to transform every room in the house completely. From the bathroom to the kitchen, we have dreams that we hope to fulfil one day. However, what we don’t do is move onto the exterior of the house when we finish. The exterior of your home is just important as the interior because it sets the tone. In fact, it is the first impression anyone gets when they park up outside. For that reason, you need to start taking it much more seriously.

Add An Extra Layer To The Roof

The one thing about buildings is that they become weathered due to the extreme elements that they encounter on a daily basis. The rain and the wind can do some serious damage without you even realising. But, you can’t stop the weather, so how do you stop it from affecting your property? The answer is simple and comes in the form of zinc cladding. Roofs are notorious for breaking down and failing due to the weather, but a zinc-clad roof is incredibly sturdy and durable in the harshest conditions.

Paint For The Season

Painting your house every time we enter a new season is annoying. However, it can make a massive difference on two fronts. Firstly, the change in colour will make your home look more appealing. There is something about a brightly coloured house that doesn’t look right when the rain is falling and the weather is miserable. The right colour palette will complement the exterior elements. Also, it will make your house warmer. Dark and matte colours will absorb whatever heat radiation there is instead of reflecting the sun’s rays. Consequently, the property gets hotter and you can cut down on your energy bills. Nice one!

Maintain The Garden

Yes, winter is not the best time of year to get the trowel and spade out and start planting new flowers. In fact, it is the worst time of year. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t do some maintenance work when the weather turns. Although the cold weather isn’t conducive to gardening, it will make all the difference when the spring and summer come back around. Plus, an overgrown garden isn’t appealing regardless of the time of year.


Tighten Up The Leaks

Doors and windows are the biggest sources of heat loss. When they are not properly installed, the heat leaks out and your home becomes cold and less desirable. Simple solid doors cover all the cracks and double-glazing will prevent any heat leaving through the windows. Also, take a look at the exterior and look for any cracks and gaps. These gaps allow the weather to get inside and start eroding the interior of your property.

With winter on the way, you want to take care of every part of the property before it becomes a problem. Otherwise, you’ll be renovating in the freezing cold!