The evolution of flooring

Posted on Jul 11 2018 - 7:46pm by Johnny B

If you have just bought a new home or even wish to change the flooring of your current home, and you are looking to infuse the different styles of theme into your home, you may consider the range of modern flooring that is in the market today.

Different kinds of flooring

In the market today, there are many different kinds of flooring and they can range from: tiles, vinyl, laminates, carpets, solid wood, acoustic flooring, safety flooring and even bare cement flooring. Certain flooring is suited for residential properties and there are different requirements for commercial properties. Furthermore, some of these can be divided into subcategories like homogeneous tiles and ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles of varying thickness and the different kind of installation systems (whether it is click or glue), etc.

Different styles and designs

The advance in technology has allowed manufacturers to mimic the style of almost anything. The modern flooring can resemble natural stones (like marble or travertine), natural wood, concrete surfaces and even bricks. If you are going for a Scandinavian theme, you are most likely going for a flooring that mimics natural wood to complement your furniture. The different ways of laying the flooring (like herringbone or stretcher bond) add an extra depth to the interior of your home. Reputable companies who install flooring in Aberystwyth will normally have a huge range of products for their clients to choose from.

Where it can be installed

Do note that certain kinds of flooring can only be installed in certain parts of the house. In wet areas like the bathrooms, laminate flooring are usually not recommended to be installed as it is a material that is prone to warping due to moisture. Certain kinds of wood flooring may even discolour if it is exposed to sunlight. Always check with the company on each flooring advantages and disadvantages so that you are informed about the details.

Speaking to a professional

A reputable company will normally have a showroom where professionals who are stationed there will be able to help you in your choice of flooring. They may need to understand your intended design theme, budget, material of choice, intended area to be installed, etc. By visiting the showroom, you will be able to physically feel and see if the flooring is suited to your needs.

Warranty period

If you have ever wanted a peace of mind on the workmanship and material used, look for a company that offers the highest years of warranty. Some companies will offer 5 to 20 years of warranty. This will ensure that your product is guaranteed by them and it also shows that they have placed sufficient trust in their workmanship and product to offer such a long guarantee.

The range and designs of flooring has come from a long way since, and the wide range of products in the market today may be confusing for some people, so it is always best to research on the Internet and speaking to a few companies before coming to a decision.