Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Study Space in Your Home

Posted on Mar 2 2015 - 2:04am by Johnny B

All children need a place to do their homework. So, creating the ultimate study space is something that many parents want to do. After all, your kids need to have a space to relax. But, they also need a confined space in which they can complete their school work, and their home work related tasks. The family home can be a noisy, bustling environment. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But, if your little bookworm needs to get their head down, they can find themselves distracted by the hectic nature of the family home.

Creating a study space, therefore, is a must. But, you don’t have to start building extensions or turning the basement into a study. Oh no! On the contrary, there are some simple yet effective ways that you can create a homework corner in your home.

Finding the Right Nook

The kitchen may be the hub of the home, but it does not make for the right place to engage in homework. Try to find a quiet nook in your home, out of the way of their bedroom. The bedroom holds too many distractions. A simple desk and chair in the corner of the living room can ensure that your children have a designated homework spot .think of it as Study HQ!

Clear the area and make sure that it is clutter free. Providing the right lighting in the form of lamps or Savoy House lighting can ensure that they have a clearly marked space that is ambient in all of the right ways. After all, if the spot is too dark, they won’t be able to concentrate properly. The lighting, as well as finding the right nook in the home is equally as important. A quiet, brightly lit space is all that is needed in the main.


Michael Bentley

Keep it Simple

Kids can be easily distracted. We know that this is true! So, keeping the study space simple yet functional is a must. A comfy computer chair, a desk and some pens are all they need to get them going. If you start adding photos and clutter, it will serve as a disturbance to their studying. Simplicity is the key.

Add a Little Background Noise

Okay, so having the television in proximity can serve to be overly distracting. But, you don’t have to make your child study in silence. One of the most useful learning tools is to play music at a low level. This can encourage your child to commit more of their studies to memory. But, it can also help them block out the more disruptive noises in the home, such as people playing and talking. After all, getting the ambient setting right is a must. Encourage your child to thrive in their new study spot. Keep the radio on low so that they can get the most from their education.

Creating homework HQ doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But, you need to think about your child’s studying needs. A desk, chair and the right light can provide your child with all that they need. It’s all about setting the right mood and tone for a successful study session.