Should I Boost My Social Media Posts?

Posted on Jun 30 2021 - 5:29pm by Johnny B

With millions of people online these days, capturing the attention of one’s target audience is not as easy as it used to be. There are too many similar businesses trying to capture the interest of the same people. In fact, the world social media marketing is filled with competition from businesses around the globe. This obviously isn’t to say that one cannot reach their ideal consumers without paying for advertisement. However, it certainly is more of a challenge these days to attract clients through organic posts.

The unfortunate truth is that social media marketing has embodied a pay-to-play strategy. So the question to ask is: when should one boost their social posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Let’s talk about the concept behind boosting as well as the benefits of boosting a social post.

A lot of social platforms allow one to boost their post. This means, if one chooses to pay social media platforms a certain amount, the post they have chosen to boost will not only reach their existing followers, but also their recommended audience as well as their targeted audience. Essentially, boosting a post is a marketing tactic that will significantly increase the amount of people that see one’s content. The boosted posts appear as a sponsored post on their audience’s feed. If you are not sure what to do with social media marketing, you can always find a local website design or SEO agency to help you work out the perfect solution.

Is Your Post Worth Boosting?

Before a post is boosted, one should ensure it’s worth boosting. In fact, it’s recommended to never want to boost a post without a call to action. This is because, in such a case, one’s audience will either like the post and keep scrolling, or visit the company’s social media platform to look through the content – neither of which is truly worth spending money on. The odds of them even going into one’s “About Me” (on Facebook) or “Bio” (on Instagram) section to find the link to the company website is very low. Keep in mind that robbing people of convenience reaps low rewards.

Call to Action

Having a call to action, ideally a link to whatever it is you are trying to promote, will urge interested users to visit the company website. Regardless if you are a local IT company in Brampton or an e-commerce website – adding a link that leads the audience directly to your site is the ideal way.

Post’s Organic Performance

Another thing to keep in mind when boosting one’s post is checking to see whether the post is doing well or poorly before boosting it. If one’s followers are interacting with the post, there’s clear engagement going on, then it’s a post definitely worth boosting. However, if it is evident that the views are not resulting in likes or comments – maybe boosting the post might not be worth it.

Memorable Post Photo

Lasting, depending on the platform, ensure one’s post is accompanied by a photo that really captures the eye of one’s target audience. Of course with Instagram, the photo is obligatory. However, with platforms like Facebook or Twitter, the boosted post does not require having a photo attached to it. Nevertheless, by including one, preferably one that provokes some sort of emotion or response, the boosted post will stand out from the rest. 

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