Safe Performance Enhancers from Mother Nature’s Kitchen

Posted on Dec 16 2020 - 5:54pm by Johnny B

It’s always with great caution that anyone should proceed if they’re giving anything close to what appears to be health advice, particularly if that health advice may or may not agree with certain aspects of professional medical advice. That said however, anyone who is reading up about something like the effects of safe, natural performance enhancers perhaps knows to apply their own discretion to whatever advice they’ll consequently come across online.

We’d be justifiably dabbling in a some politics a little bit if we shone a light on how the laws that have existed and some which exist today aren’t necessarily based on what is right, but that’s precisely the reality. For instance let’s just say a cure for the pandemic-causing COVID-19 virus was indeed contained in a naturally growing herb in Madagascar. Who would that help by way of the regulations around pharmaceutical companies who pay lots of tax and lobbyist money to politicians, to essentially take ownership of the health and medical industry?

Generally speaking, as cynical a view as it may appear to be, there are some very rich and powerful groups of people whose power would be diminished if knowledge of natural cures, available straight from Mother Nature, was more widespread.

Back to the topic at hand though…

What are some safe performance enhancers available straight from Mother Nature’s kitchen?

In reference to performance, we’re not just talking exclusively about something like what the THC contained in cannabis can do to alleviate a number of health ailments. So it’s not exclusively about the health of the body or alternatives to conventional medicine.

Cannabis, in the many forms it grows naturally, has to be the leading performance enhancer from Mother Nature’s kitchen. If we keep it real with ourselves and each other, the simplest way of benefitting from the effects of cannabis would be to pick it, dry it up, roll it up and have a smoke, wouldn’t it? However, is CBD flower legal in UK? It’s not, but what does the varied law enforcement around that say about whether or not the law which renders it illegal is just?

You could perhaps also ingest it orally as part of some CBD based foods and snacks…Or learn how to make honey oil cannabis products at home!

Normally these practices point to the use of cannabis for performance enhancement in many health-related areas. Many people also believe that it improves the performance of bodily functions on more of a cellular level. That is why pot smokers are known for checking out Cannabis deals available on various webshops. But only a very few know that there are health benefits and performance-enhancing properties in the non-TCH containing, a variety of hemp. Hemp can also do what marijuana does. Hemp seeds aid in the process of digestion, for instance, while marijuana, as illegal as it may be in certain forms and in certain parts of the world, improves the performance of cellular functions. This performance has led to many researchers wanting to learn more about the drug and its healing properties.

That’s why numerous studies point back to cancer-prevention and curing properties, which have yet to be definitively disproved by all the financial might contained in the world’s most powerful big-pharma companies.

Remember though that moderation is the key, as there is always the risk of nullifying the health benefits in pursuit of the recreational effects of Mother Nature’s best and otherwise safest performance enhancers.