Protecting Privacy in Telehealth Communication

Posted on Jul 27 2021 - 12:50pm by Johnny B

Telehealth services offer a wide range of benefits to healthcare providers and patients alike, and these benefits have never been more important or obvious than in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the accompanying resource points out, with all of these benefits come some risks, largely revolving around privacy.

When healthcare administrators think about privacy, their attention often turns to software systems and procedures used in the transmission and collection of personal data. Reliable data hosting services are a big point in maintaining security, and since the pandemic, a lot of institutions have been considering opting for data center colocation services as they provide an added layer of security. Another broad area of concern is unauthorized access in the form of cyber theft.

Hackers work tirelessly to find new ways of accessing healthcare data storage and transmission systems, something most patients are aware of because breaches are so widely reported. Investing in sophisticated cybersecurity is a must for any healthcare provider. And, with the greatly increased volume of digitally transferred data that comes with the mass use of telehealth options, providers should be opting for more effective defensive solutions on a regular basis.

Cybersecurity includes a number of different things that include but are not limited to antivirus, firewall, public key authentication, SSL certificate, etc. Cyberattacks can come from anywhere, so it is crucial for companies to stay up to date with their security. You could find a few different ways to do it. For example, check it out here and on other similar websites on the internet. There’s also the option to improvise your own setup by working with your IT department or an external cybersecurity provider. Before working out the details, it is helpful to get a general idea of what exactly the obstacles you might face.

The resource provides a high-level overview of the major privacy issues with telehealth, as well as recommendations for securing data and communication. Continue reading to learn more!