Do You Have a Problem with a Clogged Drain?

Posted on Aug 10 2017 - 10:08am by Johnny B

One of the innovative technologies used today in checking drain obstructions is CCTV. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. This accurate visual survey offers a quick and precise identification of a drain issue. It also shows the structural layout of a drain system and completely investigates blockages. This type of inspection has also been proven to be a safe option for checking restricted drain spaces or unsafe drainage structures. CCTV inspections are used for assessing drains as well as manholes.

What the Report Contains

When a plumber performs a CCTV inspection, he or she provides a comprehensive report of the defects in a drain, complete with colourful visuals. The report also reveals the measurements and depths of the location, offering expert advice along with the price quote for a drainage repair. The information is presented and saved on a USB drive following the inspection.

Are You Thinking About Buying a Property?

This type of survey is often used for anyone who is contemplating buying a commercial property or home as it gives him or her a broad picture of the condition of the drainage system. However, customers who have blocked drains in Maidstone also take advantage of these inspections. That is because this type of survey does not require excavation. Traditional methods that do not use this technology can become time-consuming as well as costly.

As a result, a CCTV survey is a non-destructive way to check on a plumbing problem. Therefore, the cost of an inspection is reduced. Just think of the expense that is entailed in breaking up cement in order to check a pipe. When you make the comparison, CCTV is one service that is good for both the consumer and the plumber.

This means that a CCTV inspection is a cost-efficient method to answering and diagnosing plumbing problems and working out if the problem can be solved by having someone unclog your drain, for example. Today, this type of check is the best way to investigate the overall condition of drains, sewers, and pipes. Again, costs are vastly reduced when you do not have to excavate a site.

Quick and Accurate Reporting

By using this type of service, you will also receive reports that are quick and accurate. These types of surveys can be performed in pipes that are 50 millimetres to 90 millimetres in size, 100 millimetres to 150 millimetres in diameter, or over 150 millimetres in size. When pipes are large (150 millimetres or more), a tractor camera is normally used. Smaller-sized pipes use mini push rods or regular push rods for drainage surveys. A quick and accurate survey is essential so that you can get a plumber in to fix the issue as soon as possible before it causes any damage. A quick visit to a site like can show you exactly the sort of plumber you need. One that is experienced, skilled, and knows a thing or two about unblocking drains!

Are You Hearing Gurgling Sounds?

CCTV inspections often reveal cracked or broken pipes, misaligned or collapsed pipes, crushed pipes, and foreign objects inside pipes. Tree roots can also be identified when they are growing in pipes. If you are experiencing a blockage, slow-draining water, gurgling sounds, or bad odours, you should schedule an inspection now. If you’re not sure about where to find experienced plumbers who could help with bathroom and kitchen fixtures, check services offered by Craftsman Plumbing (for more info,

Where CCTV Equipment Is Used

Besides storm water and sewer lines, manholes, and drains, cameras can also be used in boreholes, piles, and conduits. They also take pictures in water and gas mains. Underground storage tanks are also inspected with this type of technology.

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