Posh Practicality: Smart Steps for Setting Up Your Living Room

Posted on Sep 23 2015 - 6:57am by Johnny B

As far as size and dimensions, it is not of any larger importance than the rest of the home, yet the living room is the place where the majority of your time is spent indoors. So it makes sense that you should spend a significant amount of time and energy to ensure that it’s set up for practical success. Tread lightly through the following steps regarding living room furniture and space.

Declutter the Area

Sure, it’s where you play board games, watch television, peruse Facebook, and talk to friends on the phone and Skype, but despite the number of things performed in the living room, you need to keep it free of too much clutter. It doesn’t mean you can’t have things within an arm’s reach, but you do need to pay attention to practical storage. Keep the majority of things out of sight until you need them.

Establish a Focal Point

Alfred Hitchcock, esteemed director, would be disappointed if your living space lacked a focal point. Establishing a focal point makes it easier to center the living room furniture and achieve a nice even flow. However, the idea is to keep the arrangement of furniture practical without sacrificing symmetry a central point of interest. Interior design comes naturally to some while others need the help of a professional designer.


Avoid Too Much Matching

Formulate a motif and pay attention to how colors mix and match, but don’t go overboard in adhering to a color scheme or buy all of the furniture and implements from the same store. Achieve balance through variety. For example, purchase a few throwpillows from http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com while shopping other stores and outlets for knickknacks and room accents. Matching is good but don’t make it appear your entire room is straight out of an ad.

Leave Space between Walls and Living Room Furniture

It may be a temptation or an obvious place to situate your living room furniture, yet professional designers seldom push implements flush against the wall. For one, it creates too much wasted space in the middle of the room. Secondly, furniture becomes too far for conversation and sitters to feel intimate. Achieve balance by leaving space between the walls and the furniture. It makes walking through more practical while the living area remains cozy and primed for engagement.

Provide Light from Multiple Levels

Lighting is a necessity yet it can create an aesthetic nuisance, especially when provided by awkward, low-hanging fixtures. Mix things up by allowing light to flow from multiple sources and levels. For instance, install a few bulbs in the ceiling, place a lamp on a table, and purchase a light-emanating statue on a coffee table. The floor is yet another place to install lighting. It goes without saying that any major electrical work should always be done by a professional electrician, especially if it involves rewiring or putting in new fixtures. If you’re in Georgia, you could consider calling the team at Aardvark Electric (aardvark-electric.com/areas-we-serve/lenox-park/) to help with any work you would like to do in your home.


Make it Personal

The living room is supposed to look lived in. That doesn’t mean you should leave half-eaten pizza crusts on the table or a few pet hairballs on the couch; it means it should seem inviting to friends and family members and resemble your personal style. So whether you’re a history buff, slave to sixties fashion, or love your local sports team, ensure the room looks like it’s yours rather than just practical and put together.

Joseph Jones is an interior decorator. He loves to share his decorating experiences online. His articles can be found on home improvement and renovation websites.