Phobias: How to Help Your Kids Conquer Their Fears

Posted on Feb 15 2018 - 4:35pm by Johnny B

Just like with adults, children can develop a wide variety of fears and phobias and not be able to understand why they have them, and to also not know how to get rid of them. For instance, kids can develop a fear of visiting doctors. They might behave cranky whenever parents start a conversation about paying a visit to a doctor for a dental checkup. However, as said earlier, kids, themselves may not know why they have this fear, or they may not know how to overcome this.

That is why it is the responsibility of their parents to find a way to help their kids conquer their fears. However, for that, parents might need to do some research on the Internet–perhaps they need to read resourceful blog posts which can enlighten them about useful methods to help their kids overcome their fear. For instance, by researching online, they might find blog posts (on the likes of Thrive Works) which can help them understand how to overcome medical-based fears.

Anyway, we have compiled a list of a few simple ways to help kids with different kinds of fears (other than medical ones). Give it a read to help your kids out!

Patience is Key

The first step you need to take is to learn and understand about the fears they have. Many children can be reluctant to express how they are feeling so don’t be surprised if your child does not open up straight away. However, letting them know you are there for support can help tremendously and help them feel confident to talk about their worries.

Relate to Your Child

When looking back at our own childhoods, we can think of phobias and fears we had that vanish once we reach adulthood. It can be easy to dismiss your child’s fear as something not significant; however, your child will not see it this way. Learning how a fear can be a huge severity in your child’s life is vital to help understand it. It is important to engage with your child about their fears and to not make them feel silly for being afraid of certain things. Helping relate to your child will help them come forward with their phobias and fears

Be a Role Model

As the parent, you are the one person in your child’s life they look up to and idolize. The way you present yourself and handle certain situations can be imperative to the way your child will respond. For example, if your child has a phobia of spiders, try and teach them about the positive uses of a spider and why they are an important species for the world. It can be hard to do this (especially if you share a phobia) but presenting a positive manner can completely change your child’s opinion and can potentially remove the fear altogether.

Research Online

A great way in learning more about the phobias and fears your child may face is by looking into websites online that specialize in the subject. Gaining more knowledge about the fear as well as learning ways to help can be hugely beneficial in the long run. Also, investigate online forums and websites such as which specializes in providing information on self-care and how to combat the stress and fear of phobias.

Facing the Fear

A huge part in conquering a fear is by facing it head on. Whilst this can cause great distress and anxiety to both children and adults, many who have taken this brave step have managed to successfully eliminate their fears and worries and overcome the fear completely. However, it is vital you make sure your child feels ready to take this step and ensure you do not put any pressure on them.

Always remember to be there for support and to offer any guidance your child may need. Also, if their fear is causing you great concern, it is recommended to make an appointment with your doctor.