My Top Tips For Your Family Room

Posted on May 15 2015 - 3:15am by Johnny B


I believe every home needs a “family room”. This is the heart of your home; the area that brings the whole family together to chat, to play, to eat or just to enjoy each others company. Your version of the family room might be in the living room, the kitchen or the dining room. But I don’t think it matters where in the home it is. What’s important is that it is a place that you are your children want to spend time together in. There are a few tricks and techniques you can use to make this room appealing to you and your kids. Here are some of my favourite family room tips:

  1. Comfort comes first

Want to turn an ordinary room into an adored family room? Comfort is the answer. It needs to be a place that invites you and your family in and makes you all want to stay. To make your family room super comfy, make sure there is ample seating. Investing in some foot stools and pouffes is a great idea as it will allow everyone to stretch out. Cosy throws and blankets can be used to cloak the family in warmth when you are all curled up watching a TV show or film.

  1. Entertainment options

This room is also a place for having fun quality time with the family so it’s also a good idea to have plenty of options for entertainment. A TV, DVD player, video games console and a selection of board games are all common items found in a fun family room. These are also great things to have if you often entertain your extended family and friends in this room.

  1. Versatile lighting

I’m going to get all interior design on you for a moment, but hear me out. Different types of lighting will also make your family room more appealing to you all. Dimmable LED bayonet bulbs for your overhead lights are a great buy. Using a dimmer switch you can adjust the lighting easily depending on the time of day or what you happen to be using the room for at the time. For example, if you are watching a film, you can turn the lights right down low for a mock cinema experience. If you and your children are also going to be using the family room for reading together or studying, you’ll also need some table lamps for more direct light.

  1. Make it personal

Another way to improve your family room is to make it personal to you and your family. You can do this by filling it with family pictures and of paintings or sculptures that your children have made at school. You can customise so many home decor items these days. Some of the best I’ve seen are customised wall stickers of a family tree. It’s also a really fun project to do with your kids. It is a great activity for kids to participate in and learn more about where they came from. If you’re struggling or don’t know too much about your own family history, you might need help from sites like

Thanks for reading my top tips for your family room. I hope that they help you and your kids to get the most out of this space. If you have any family room ideas to share, please do!