My Home Is Prepared For Anything! Here’s How

Posted on Oct 16 2015 - 2:32am by Johnny B

No-one likes to think about the worst-case scenario. But, when it comes to my house and my family, I like to make sure I’m prepared for anything. I spent a small amount of time last year planning for all the worst possibilities. It might sound depressing! But, I must say that I’m very pleased I did. No matter what the weather throws at us, I’m confident that we’re ready. Maybe I seem over-prepared, but there are more and more reports on the news these days. Every week, there is a new natural disaster. As an avid DIYer, I couldn’t stand around and wait for these things to happen. So I prepared my house in every way I knew how.

Emergency packs – First of all, I made a series of emergency packs, and kept them hidden in the house. It means we’ll have all the necessary things we need if something goes wrong. It’s even useful if the power goes out, and we’re left in the dark. I’ve packed it full of essentials. There’s a torch, first-aid kit, a few useful tools, spare phone with charger, and some food. We may never need to use the emergency pack, but at least I know it’s there for my family if we do.

Flood protection – There have been so many high-profile flooding disasters on the news in the last two years. Water has even reached places that thought they were safe from flooding. So, I’m taking no chances, and I’ve prepared as best I can. After all, water damage would cost us thousands in repairs, even if just a trickle of water got in. I’ve stocked up on flood prevention barriers, which I can place around the property. I’ve also dug out the patio, and replaced it with turf to absorb any runoff.

Structural strength – We don’t get too many hurricanes in these parts! But, the winds are certainly picking up, and I need to know my house can handle the weather. With the help of a few experts, I set about improving the structural strength of our property. Starting in the attic, we bolstered the wooden beams with extra supports. That should keep the roof sturdy, and keep the house shielded. The rest of these house was assessed for structural quality, and passed with flying colours.

Regular upkeep of the house – They say that one of the most dangerous aspects of inclement weather is falling debris. Especially during the winter months, where extra care is needed. The wind doesn’t need to pick up too much before it starts flinging roof tiles onto the driveway. It only takes a moment for the fences to uproot and smash into the car. That’s why I take care of maintaining the house as best I can. I regularly check the tiles for loose slates. I clean out the gutter and make sure it’s strong and secure. The fences have all been strengthened and bolted down by a professional Fencing company for the winter, I really didn’t want to take any chances this time around!

Call me overly cautious, but I like to be prepared! That’s all for today, folks. Check back tomorrow for more top home tips.