More Tips On How To Create An Awesome Family Bathroom

Posted on Sep 5 2015 - 12:52pm by Johnny B

Just because the bathroom is one of the smallest components of your house doesn’t mean you should neglect it. On the contrary, you and your loved ones spend most of your waking hours wandering in and out of the bathroom. Make sure that these little trips are fun and easy for everyone in the family, especially for the little ones, by following these simple tips:

Get yourself a big sink

At first glimpse, most of us would assume that getting double sinks would be preferable. And if we’re just talking about saving time and energy (having two bathrooms sinks means less time spent waiting in line, of course), most of us would be right. But if we factor in the cost of maintenance and inevitable repair after heavy daily use, the idea doesn’t really sound too great after a bit. However, if you’re still looking to install one, you could seek expert advice from plumber services Lawrenceville or other nearby locations. Or, you could consider getting a single large sink instead. It can still accommodate a lot of hands at a single time and will ultimately halve your water usage and maintenance costs. Plus, it gives you a chance to bond with your kids even on the busiest of days. Contact your local plumber in Dayton or any similar plumber more local to you and they can fit a large sink in less than a day, making it a quick, high-impact change.


Get a step stool

Most home designers actually advise lowering the fixtures of the bathroom to be more accessible for children. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend your mornings in a half-crouch just to see the entirety of your head in the bathroom mirror. An easy solution to this problem can be found in the addition of a step stool. This lets your kids access standard-size bathroom fixtures like the countertop. If you’re also looking for bathroom mirrors, you should try to find some that will be accessible for everyone. Perhaps you would even like to consider getting some vanity lighting to put behind the mirror too. That would look nice in a bathroom.

Organize for multiple users

As much as sharing a single space sounds romantic and cutesy, sometimes you can’t just avoid mess and space issues. This is especially true if you’ve got a handful of rambunctious toddlers in your hands. Kids that young will usually fail to understand the concept of shared-space diplomacy and will insist on getting their own space even in the bathroom. Stay one step ahead of a bawling child and make sure that you store and organize your bathroom with designated spaces for everyone in the family.

Tile the floor

Now, this topic has been touched on before in my previous article on bathroom design, but I’ll say it again. Making sure to tile your bathroom helps little scampering feet from slipping and sliding and potentially bumping their heads against hard surfaces. Plus, you’ll find that bathroom tiles are much easier to clean messes off of. A personal recommendation for tiling options would be crossover sabia tiles that are neutral yet still look good with any colour palette you want for your family bathroom.


Add personality (within reason)

Aside from thinking about how to make your bathroom space something that can be safely enjoyed by the whole family, we can’t just leave it at that. Make sure that you personalize your family bathroom with bright colours and even some cute decorations that will make your kids love bath time. Make sure that these elements of your bathroom are easily replaceable, though. As much as they are small and indescribably adorable right now, your kids will eventually grow up and branch out in preference and taste.

So, there you have it! Some more creative ideas on how to make the family bathroom truly for the family. Just make sure that when you’re following these tips, you should never sacrifice substance for style nor should you go overboard on your planned budget. That way you’ll be able to create a bathroom space that both your family and your wallet will love.