Make the Most out of an Old Shed

Posted on May 25 2015 - 2:29am by Johnny B

You probably have one somewhere in your garden filled with objects you have no room in the house for. We would imagine you ignore it as much as you can and try to pretend it is not even there. It may now be a safety accident waiting to happen because you have not kept it maintained. What you do not realise is that old, decrepit looking building is the place where dreams can come true. If you do not believe this just check out some of the ideas, we have come up with.

Strike, perfect score!

We would be surprised if this thought has not crossed your mind but why not turn it into a gaming rooms? How much space is available to you will decide what type of games. But once you have cleaned away the garbage you will definitely have space for a dart board at the very least. You could even consider mounting a tv on the wall. Let the professionals show you how it is done while you take a shot in “amateur hour.” If you have a bigger building like a barn, you could build your very own private bowling area. No, we are not joking. Yes, of course, it will cost you but no more than a pool installation or a jacuzzi. You could be even more creative and have a mini golf course. That would be something to show off to your friends.

The simple life

Then again perhaps you want to go for something a little more comfortable with less work involved. For example, a quiet room, for knitting. All you need is some cosy furniture you probably already have lying around the house and a rocking chair. This could be the perfect place for some rest. If you have a young baby, you could also add a traditional wooden crib.

You could also consider installing a skylight and make the perfect stargazing, night room. Do not worry if DIY is not your forte. There are plenty of designers waiting for the chance to build you something special.

No pain, no gain

You might have been nagged about finding a place for your weights and exercise bike. Well, now you have one. Or perhaps you are starting to think about getting into shape. Yes, a circle is a shape but you know you can do better. Start by investing in a weight bench and, of course, some weights. Consider installing a pull-up bar and maybe a mat for doing situps. You will be ready to take on Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in no time.

Bring Hollywood To You



Maybe, we scared you off with that last one. What you want is somewhere to chill right? Then a home cinema setup could be your dream come true. For this, the smaller the space you have, the better. A smaller space will make the experience more immersive, and the screen does not have to be massive. You can find reasonably priced curved televisions that will give the illusion of being at a cinema, and soundbars like this to provide high-quality sound without having to worry about fitting multiple speakers in the space.

Just let your imagination run free and in a couple of months you could go on holiday just by walking out your back door. Why stop there? There are lots of those ways to improve living areas. You may even increase the value of your house.