Inventive Storage Solutions to Add Personality to Your Home

Posted on Jul 10 2015 - 6:08am by Johnny B

All homes need quality storage solutions. After all, decluttering is an excellent form of therapy and relaxation – clear house, clear mind. The bad news is that many types of storage – the classic plastic boxes, wooden shelving, and wicker baskets – tend to be overused and a little dated. For many homeowners, these traditional storage solutions just don’t fit in with their modern and contemporary environments, and kids especially need something a lot more fun and exciting. Looking for more inventive ways to keep your house tidy? Here are four excellent (and cost-effective!) ideas:


Get Creative With Coat Hooks

If you don’t have hooks in your home, why not? Hooks are easy to fit, they take up very little space, and they can be used for all sorts of storage, including coats, keys, dressing gowns, and bath towels. They’re an essential item if you’re looking at ways to declutter your home.

Unfortunately, the types of hooks you tend to find in DIY and home furnishing stores are often incredibly dull, so why not get those creative juices flowing and design something with a little more vibrancy and fun? You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to do!

For your kids’ rooms, why not take some of the old plastic toys that they no longer play with, like dinosaurs for example, and chop them in half (carefully!) through the middle so they have a flat back? Use superglue to attach to a strip of wood and hang on the wall for a truly unique and fun coat rack that oozes personality.


Design Your Own Mason Jar Storage

Mason jars are right on trend at the moment, and they’re hugely popular with those who have created an old-style, back-to-basics, farmhouse-type interior, perfectly complementing exposed brick walls, unfinished wooden furniture, and the classic agas. If you’ve designed your home with more modern designs and styles, however, you may be wondering how you can incorporate these fashionable and creative storage solutions into your kitchen, living, bedroom, or bathroom.

The answer is simple – paint. Using glass paint gives a very bold, vibrant finish, while you can achieve a more distressed look by applying chalkboard paint as a primer, and then a few coats of regular paint over the top. The idea is that you can match any existing decor. You can use your painted mason jars for storing pretty much anything – clothes pegs, kids’ crayons, cotton balls, and so on.

Don’t Settle For Boring Kitchen Racks

The kitchen for many families is the hub of their creativity. You’re cooking up some new recipe you can only find online and he kids are at the table making a mess. So a kitchen needs to reflect this creativity.

Kitchen racks – like spice racks for example – are important parts of any kitchen. Their ultimate aim is to gather the smaller kitchen essentials that can clutter the worktops, and keep them all neat and tidy in one place. The downside is that these racks are as dull as dishwater. Yes, they’re simple and understated, but they’re not particularly creative, and they don’t show off any personality at all.

Instead, why not upcycle some old display stands for a bit of a ‘wow’ factor? An old cake stand is ideal – the more ostentatious the better, but you can always add your own finishing touches to spruce up a more basic stand. A fancy cake stand can be placed on the countertop or attached to a hook to allow it to hang from the wall (or even the ceiling!). Those tiny jars of spices and small condiment bottles will never have looked so glam!

Make Use of Your Garage

Optimizing your garage’s storage potential can greatly enhance your space management. One effective strategy is making use of overhead garage storage solutions.

Overhead storage racks are a practical addition, accommodating items like seasonal decorations, sporting gear, or seldom-used tools. They efficiently keep items off the ground, preventing clutter and facilitating better organization. Storing lightweight items on higher shelves and heavier ones on lower racks ensures safety and easy retrieval.

What’s more? Utilizing overhead garage storage options can help declutter your garage; they can also safeguard your belongings from potential damage caused by moisture or pests that might affect items stored directly on the floor. Plus, the increased open floor space can potentially serve as a workshop, exercise area, or additional parking.

Put simply, this option can maximize the functionality of your space, making your garage a more efficient and well-organized extension of your home.


Who says storage has to be boring? By thinking outside of the box and deviating from the norms you can quickly and easily create some imaginative storage solutions that bring a bit of life, energy, and vibrancy to your home instantly. Give it a try and see what you can come up with.