Could an indoor plant be the answer to your health problems?

Posted on Feb 12 2018 - 8:19pm by Johnny B

Have you noticed more indoor plants on social media and TV lately? And more people buying indoor plants online too? There is a reason for it! Recent research has revealed that they should be household essentials.

The percentage of people who own gardens has been falling steadily since the year 2000. As renting becomes more and more widespread as opposed to buying, fewer people have the space or money for cultivating green spaces. This means that fewer people are gaining the benefits that gardens and plants bring to their bodies.

However, times are changing. Almost half of the population are now growing plants indoors. This is not just to make their homes brighter and nicer to live in. It is also to both counter pollution and to bring the immediate health benefits of plants into their home.

Houseplants have been proven to help with the potentially dangerous issue that is indoor pollution. Mould, mildew and certain types of cleaning products pollute the air, making it hazardous to breathe. Don’t know how bad your air is, click the following link to see where to get a mold test kit and see exactly how much toxin you are breathing in. You certainly don’t want these chemicals lingering around!

Plants meanwhile purify your air amongst other not-so-immediate health benefits. The pineapple plant, for example, has been found to reduce snoring, whilst leaves from the feverfew have been proven to prevent headaches. It’s not just the ability to improve air quality that make plants worth keeping around.

Whether it’s for health or air-purification benefits, everyone should be giving houseplants a chance. Compost Direct, online garden retailers of growbag and other essentials, has created an infographic to tell us why becoming an indoor horticulturist could be the best decision you make this year…

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