Improve the Sense of Community in Your Neighbourhood for a Better Family Environment

Posted on May 24 2015 - 1:09am by Johnny B

Older generations often complain that we no longer have the sense of community that existed a few decades ago. That may be true, but it doesn’t mean that people don’t want to feel that they have a neighbourhood community. Families with children especially often want to feel like they can get on with their neighbours. And they want to be able to work together to improve their local environment. If you want to foster a greater sense of community in your neighbourhood, there are lots of things you can do to get involved and to encourage your neighbours to do so too. Start by using the following methods to try and make your neighbourhood friendlier, safer and cleaner.

Create a Community Project

One of the best ways to get your neighbours involved in the local community is to give them something to be involved in. Many communities across the UK have set up groups to help them take charge of their living conditions. Everyone bands together to help with anything from recycling drives to fundraising events. When you’re getting the group started, you can even look for funding from government and business sponsors. Your community could grow to include hundreds of people. Get started by gauging the level of interest among your neighbours.

Become a Neighbourhood Planning Area

By having your local area designated as a neighbourhood planning area, your community can have direct control over its development. You can decide whether new homes or commercial buildings are built there and what they should look like. If you don’t already belong to a neighbourhood planning area, applying for the status could be ideal for promoting community spirit. The zone can be run by a local parish or town council, a neighbourhood forum or a community organisation.


Lauren Wellicome

Ensure Spaces Are Cared For

If you want your neighbourhood to look presentable, you need to know whose responsibility that is. For example, you might live on a private housing estate, which has a committee responsible for enforcing the rules. In the US, it’s HOA management companies who help to oversee maintenance issues for homeowner’s associations. But in the UK, you may need to approach an estate committee, community group or perhaps the local council. Your community group can also aim to improve housing. Try to do this through communication with landlords of both private and social housing.

Make the Neighbourhood Safer

If you’re worried about the safety of your neighbourhood, there are lots of things you and your neighbours can do. For example, you can join or set up a Neighbourhood and Home Watch, or you can volunteer for the charity Crimestoppers. Another idea is to become a police support volunteer, assisting the police in your area. All of these activities will help you get involved with other people in your area who are concerned about its safety.

Of course, another way to create a better community is simply to talk to your neighbours more. Next time you see them, say hello and introduce yourself. You could soon organise neighbourhood events, such as street parties.