How To Make Your Home Stylish And Luxurious

Posted on Jun 28 2015 - 12:23am by Johnny B

As a dad, in the summer is where I have most of my free time. But there is also the occasional weekends when my kids do not take over my life. Because of this, it is important to make the most of the time I have. How do I do this? Well, often I spend a lot of time on home improvement. I am not sure about the rest of you, but I love improving my home. I am fantastic at DIY. That is my niche, my forte. But when it comes to design…not so much. Do not get me wrong, it is not that style is not one of my strong points. The problem I have is that home decor style changes very quickly. That is why I have gathered some tips to keep our homes looking stylish and staying luxurious. Before you even get started on ANYTHING though, make sure your cooling systems are up to scratch: nobody likes spending their summer sweltering in the heat. If you live in Monroe, one of the best AC Repair contractors in Monroe is Air Care Heating and Cooling, so you’ll need someone similar to sort out that pesky AC. Once you have that sorted, you can move on to the more exciting stuff!

Replace Your Furniture


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Believe it or not, furniture, is fashionable. With a suit, sometimes it is fashionable to have three buttons, other years two. This is the same with furniture. This year it may be a three piece suite and a couple of armchairs. Next, it could be a corner piece. I recommend you update your furniture every so often. You can sell the old furniture second hand rather than just taking it down to the tip. Buy something you really want. Add a little luxury to your life with that reclining, massage chair. Or perhaps you have always wanted leather furniture in your lounge.

Replace Lighting

Lighting can either make or break your home. Good lighting will brighten and highlight key areas to accentuate certain features without blinding you, bad lighting will be dull and dingy, leaving you unable to see what you’re doing, or too bright and in the wrong place. To get your lighting updated, visit a site similar to Electricians know all the safety precautions they need to take when working with electricity, so you’ll be left with a safe home as well as a well-lit one.

Repaint The Walls

More often than not, when I look at the home improvement, I am thinking about the walls. I like to repaint. I love going down to my nearest DIY store and having a look at the different shades I can buy. My kids love it too. Whenever they get the chance, they ask me to repaint their bedroom. It is a fantastic time to add a new style of colour to the house. Remember that different colours have different effects. For instance, a sunny yellow or cream will make the room lighter at night. Therefore, if you have a 3-D TV, this is not recommended. But for a conservatory this could be the perfect colour. Also, if you want a good night’s sleep, look at a dark colour for your bedroom. Although, obviously not back. That would make any future sale of your home a nightmare.

New Floors

Not, exactly new. But certainly a fresh style. Personally, one of my jobs this summer will be getting rid of those carpeted floors and replacing them. What with? Well, if you speak to a designer they may recommend wooden timber flooring. They will probably buy it from a website like Just think how magnificent your kitchen wood look with Victorian Ash flooring. It will definitely add a little more style to your home. The best part? Carpets may fade but wooden floors are always fashionable.

These are just a few ideas of how you can improve your home this summer. I know I’ll be trying it, how about you?