How To Help Your Child Find Their Personal Style

Posted on Mar 12 2018 - 4:15pm by Johnny B

Everyone eventually develops their own style and fashion sense – or lack thereof. When you’re younger, this style naturally changes as you’re influenced by those around you and, lately, those in the media. Whether it is pop stars, actors, role models or internet personalities, kids love to dress like the ones they admire.

While this may seem harmless on the surface, issues can arise. Kids may not only end up blowing all their savings on clothes and luxury items, but they may also lose their sense of identity and forget who they really are until it’s too late. Luckily, you can help by getting them to be themselves and find their own personal style – here’s how.

Figure Out What They’re Interested In

Most people tend to dress in line with their interests. Gamers wear graphic tees with prints of their favorite characters, bodybuilders wear vests and shorts, skaters wear ripped jeans and beanies… the list goes on. Find out what your child is interested in most and what they define themselves by.

This will help them figure out what type of clothes they’ll enjoy wearing. If they’re proud Kanye West fans, get them a few tour shirts and a pair of Adidas sneakers. If they love the increasingly popular K-Pop singers and boy bands, get them a few Korean-inspired garments (if you have no clue where to start, you could always have a look at the K-Pop section of a site like MEA Worldwide to see what kind of things the artists are wearing). They’ll feel great wearing something they love and being part of a group of people they can relate to.

The Right Hairstyle

Certain hairstyles and colors look good on certain face shapes and body types. Knowing which one works best for your child can help them feel a lot more confident and content with their appearance – something especially important in the teenage years. Head over to a website such as and read up on what’s trending and what looks best.

Choosing a style that’s versatile and easy to maintain is especially important now, as the last thing you want to be doing is taxiing your kids to the barber or salon every weekend to maintain their style. This also applies to aspects such as color and styling products. Keep them to a minimum.

The Right Fit

Certain clothes and styles look good on certain body types – it is as simple as that. For example, taller and slimmer silhouettes benefit from styles such as black skinny jeans, button-down shirts, and some slim boots. Shorter kids can appear a bit taller by wearing low top shoes and avoiding longline tees.

Just like above, it’s all a confidence thing and isn’t absolutely necessary to your child’s well-being. After all, clothes aren’t particularly cheap when bought in large quantities and your child will likely outgrow most of them at one stage or another. That said, be sure to size up with most items, especially if they’re younger and don’t really care about everything fitting tightly on their body.


Helping your child find their personal style sooner can help them succeed and grow more confident as they enter the business world. Their unique personality will be appreciated by friends and coworkers as they get older.