Gardening and Kids: Fun Ways to Get Your Children Outside

Posted on Feb 27 2015 - 2:21am by Johnny B

Gardening need not be a tedious task. It can be a great way to get the kids outside and to experience some good old fashioned fresh air. Gardening can be therapeutic. But it can also be fun. For many kids, they see gardening as adults work. But, this is not the case. Getting your children actively interested in the garden is an excellent way to prepare them for adult life. You can also notch up some much needed family time in the process!

Making gardening a family affair means having to tailor it to the needs and interests of your kids. Okay, you may not be able to get them weeding. But, there are other fun activities that you can do to involve the whole family in the art of gardening.

Create an Allotment

Creating a mini allotment can be a fun way to get kids involved in gardening. Growing your own fruit and vegetables doesn’t have to be a difficult task. details how you can grow your own fruit and vegetables, even in inclement weather. Start of small with things like tomatoes and rhubarb. Then, as your confidence grows, you can invest in apple trees, lime trees and citrus plants. Your kids will love watching the plants grow, and they will take an enormous sense of pride in their work. It’s important for children to know that fruits and vegetables don’t come from a supermarket. This can teach them some valuable life lessons about their food. What’s more, they will love eating their healthy snacks as they have nurtured and grown them! It’s a win-win situation for parents with fussy eaters.

Stimulate the Senses

Children learn best when their senses are stimulated. As such, it can be a good idea to grow things that they can touch and smell with more ease. Herb gardens can produce a pleasant scent within your home. But, they can also be beneficial for kids too. Bright flowers are visually appealing in any garden. But, your children will resonate with their bright colours. Tuning in to what your kids want is the easiest way to encourage them to get in the garden. It’s a great way for them to enjoy the garden and the new life that is budding.



Encourage Wildlife

What child doesn’t love to be around animals? One of the easiest ways to make sure that your kids are ditching the couch is to attract all different kinds of animals and insects into your backyard. You can add nuts and bird feeders to attract squirrels, robins and jays. But, you can also include things like buddleia plants to encourage honeybees into your garden. Your children will the thought of having their own mini wildlife park right in the heart of their home. You can use the opportunity to teach them more about the local wildlife in your area too.

Kids will love being outside. But, it’s all about how you stimulate their needs and interests. Getting digging, growing and planting with your brood. It’s the best way to encourage them to learn and to be outside in the wholesome fresh air.

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