Four Things You Can Convert Your Old Garage Into

Posted on Sep 5 2015 - 1:34pm by Johnny B

There is more to a garage than potential parking space. Even the smallest of them can be converted into something that allows you to pursue your interests and that of your family from the comfort of your own home. Even prefabricated garages can be made for awesome side purposes that they weren’t made for in the first place. Granted, you would need to risk a little and embrace the necessity of street parking. But the benefits that come with freeing up more living space far outweigh the cons of leaving your car parked in the street. Take note that this isn’t an absolute truth and that while street parking is an option for some, you might not want to practice it if your neighbourhood has a crime rate you’re not particularly comfortable with. With that in mind, here are four things you can convert your old garage into:


Being a single dad means little time for selfish pursuits. Being a single dad of four means less of the little time that remains. If you want to get rid of that paunch that has been haunting you ever since you turned the wrong side of thirty, going to the gym and following a healthy diet are essential to achieving that goal. But with the prices of commercial gyms skyrocketing and your time already preoccupied by your bundles of joy, going to the gym isn’t going to be an option. As a great alternative, you can simply buy the needed weights and equipment and outfit your empty garage with them. Go a step further by setting up pull-up bars and other exercise apparatuses, DIY-style.


Guest Room

For those of you with a growing family, you might be subjected to the feeling of a shrinking house. So what do you do in case visitors come by and sleep over? Friends and families (and yes, include the in-laws to that) can stop being delegated to couches and floors by converting your garage to a guest room. If you do decide to turn it into a guest room or a mini guest apartment, then you will need to make sure that you have the funds for this by looking online at helpful web pages like to see what steps you should take. Make sure that aside from the essentials like an actual bed and toiletries, you include some entertainment value by putting in a TV and grant easy access into the main house. Also, it’s important that you get in touch with a company like queen city garage doors services charlotte nc (or one that’s nearer to you) to get the doors repaired/replaced and have it functioning properly. After all, nobody wants to sleep in a room with cold drafts, or worse, unwanted guests (read: raccoons) paying a visit at night! Besides, when the mother-in-law comes to visit, chances are you’ll be the one sleeping in the guest room.

The Home Office

Working from home doesn’t mean that you’ll be delegated to your living room sofa with your laptop set atop one of the cushions. Even the humblest of home offices require a smidgeon of living space to be set up, and you just happen to have an empty garage that’s just the thing for it. Stock your home office with a mini-fridge and munchies so that you can work without time-wasting trips to the kitchen. Add in a sink and a toilet if you’re planning to be spending the majority of your work time there.



Taking your kids to daycare can consume a lot of your extra time and a lot more of your resources than you would care to admit, money and gasoline being the prominent ones. Why not convert your garage to a playroom instead and hire a babysitter to stand in for the times when you need to leave the house? Make sure to childproof the room, since garages were not primarily designed with child occupancy being in mind. Also, if you are in absolute need of storage space, you can get an overhead garage storage solution. Ensure that the storage is secure and not in reach of the children.

These are just four possibilities for garage conversion, but there are a lot more out there just waiting to be implemented. Just make sure to know your limits in regards to money, time, and expertise. Following that, then you should be fine.