Father’s Day Has Passed But You Can Still Treat Dad

Posted on Jun 24 2015 - 2:55am by Johnny B

Yes, the day for thanking your father has passed. But why does that mean you stop getting him presents? Besides, his birthday may be just around the corner. You may need to start thinking of gift ideas again. Or, perhaps you completely forgot about your dad this year, and you need to make it up pronto. Well, as always, hindsight is a wonderful thing. We have got gift ideas your dad will love. We are catering for everyone here. Whether you have no money or are rolling in the dough, we are sure there is a present here that you can give your dear old dad.



The Thought Counts

See, penniless students. We told you we had you covered. If you want to treat your dad without spending the cash, next time your home, make him breakfast in bed. He will love the gesture, and you will have the brownie points needed next time you want to borrow some cash. Or, why not arrange a fun father-daughter/son outing. It has been a while since you two have caught up hasn’t it? Take him where you used to go when you were as young as the little fellow in this picture. Watch your dad’s eyes tear up as he remembers days gone by.

Make Sure He Looks His Best

Has your father just started a new job? Perhaps he has a big business meeting coming up. He will need to look his best.The classic choice is a new tie. We recommend choosing a professional look rather than the silly, fun ones your dad used to love getting. Or, get your mother’s help choosing what to get him. It will build up his confidence for that first day in a new office.

If you are still living at home, you might be sharing a razor. Trust me, this is driving him insane. Even if he has not told you, he is just polite. You may have figured out by now there is nothing worse than a blunt razor. Does your dad have a razor such as a Gillette fusion proglide? The replacements blades for these are ridiculously overpriced. Why not think about looking into a substitute razor? These are just as good in quality as Gillette, and the blades are available on subscription. You can have them delivered straight to your dad’s front door. This really is one of the best gifts we can think of. It will save your dad a fortune on expensive replacement blades.

Let Him Relax

You may not realise it, but a dad’s day is full of tough challenges. The stress builds and builds. Your dad may need some time to himself. You could book him a weekend away if you have the money. Or, how about a massage? We are sure there is a service nearby where you live. He may be a little nervous at first. But you will be amazed how relaxed he seems when he arrives back home. No more yelling at you to turn the TV down.

The Pedal To The Metal

Finally, I would not would not be truthful if I did not admit I would love my family to buy me a day at the races. Not the horse tracks. You can buy one day driving your favourite car around Silverstone. Or, for those of you with a little less money in the bank. Why not buy him a subscription to Top Gear Magazine? He can live out his racing dreams from the comfort of the couch?

We are sure your dad will love any one of these gifts. But if not, just knowing you love him and are there will always be enough.