Creating A Beautiful Garden For The Whole Family

Posted on May 28 2015 - 12:40pm by Johnny B

When thinking of the perfect garden for your family, if your first thought was ‘huge trampoline on the lawn’ then you might need a little help in the design stakes.

There is nothing with a trampoline, they can be a lot of fun for everyone but not if they take up all of the available space in your garden.

A family garden is a bit like a single parent: it has to wear a great many hats and be everything to everyone. It sounds like an impossible task but it can be done, and everyone can get something out of it.

For many people, the ideal garden means bright flowers and enough lawn to stretch out on in the summer sun. For others, mainly family types, it’s about creating a space where everyone can enjoy themselves and not just the sun worshippers of the family.

Professional designers like, for example can take care of a large part of that for you. Although deciding what to actually put in the newly designed space is very personal though, and is very much your own choice.

Things to keep in mind before you pick up a spade

There are some things that you might to keep in mind, whether you are designing the garden or someone else is:

  • Play time: Can you make room for permanent play equipment such as slides and swing sets? If not, consider purchasing equipment that can be taken down and stored away.
  • Resilient plant life: Don’t go for fragile plants like poppies or daffodils and expect them to survive the onslaught of feet and footballs. You will need to pick more hardy plants and flowers that can take the heat.
  • Don’t forget the wildlife: Kids of all ages love discovering minibeasts, and any kind of design that incorporates that is going to be a hit.

You just can’t have a family friendly garden without including a little something for the family pet. Regardless of what kind of animal you have, it is a sure thing that it likes to explore. Allowing a small area of the garden to become overgrown is going to drive your pet nuts with delight.

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One thing that they may also enjoy, but you need to keep a sharp on if you get one, is a pond. You can really let your creativity run wild when picking things like Primula denticulata pond plants, for example, and designing the perfect spot for some calm and reflection – and ponds can really encourage wildlife into your garden too. Kids and pets both love the water and messing around ponds, but make sure it’s child safe. Open water, regardless of actual size or depth, is a hazard so be sure to take all necessary precautions.

If you have a front and back garden, then you could split some of these ideas between the two with the help of my other post on this subject.

Family gardens can give a lot of joy, and you a precious hour or two to collect your thoughts while the younger members of the family enjoy themselves. However you decide to create your family garden, just have fun while you are doing it.

Image courtesy of Flickr