Consider Upgrading to uPVC Sash Windows

Posted on Dec 11 2017 - 4:10pm by Johnny B

Compared to timber for sash windows, uPVC is simply the better option in a wide variety of ways and it is also a more affordable option that will allow you to enjoy many years of beautiful windows without all the additional work and stress. After all, even well-treated timber may begin to rot, swell, or contract over time, depending on weather conditions and the level of upkeep that you take care to provide over the course of its lifespan. Since many homeowners do not choose to update or replace their windows until the former structures are no longer in viable condition, it may be that you have a limited time to shop for a new material and uPVC will quickly prove to be the best option on the market.

Minimal Maintenance

UPVC sash windows in Essex are not only highly cost-effective but they allow you to enjoy many years of service without the need for constant or demanding maintenance even during the most severe months of the year. Unlike their timber equivalents, modern uPVC sash windows require little more than a simple cleaning every now and again as you clean the exterior and interior of your home and they do not require protective varnish to stop the onset of rot and other issues. Additionally, you need not worry about the discovery of termites and other pests attempting to make the sash window into a home because uPVC cannot be penetrated or used in the same manner.

Thermal Insulators

While timber will provide some thermal insulation, uPVC is simply better in this respect and will allow you to fit the structure with complex thermal breaks that slow the escape of heat from your property. If you have recently decided to check out AirMAX, or similar heating and air conditioning companies, this upgrade will help your HVAC system to keep your property warm and comfortable in the coming winter months, without pushing your costs up higher than they need to be simply because you want to remain comfortable inside your own home. Experts at One Hour Heating & Air and similar companies may also recommend that this is one benefit that will actively allow you to recoup your investment over time. Also, new windows will allow you to increase the value of your property so that you may potentially sell it at a higher profit or release more equity in the future.

Cost-Effective Option

UPVC sash windows simply cost far less than their timber counterparts, meaning that you get to enjoy improved insulation, gorgeous aesthetics, and lasting durability without emptying your wallet just to make it all happen. You may choose any number of styles, including the traditional type or something more modern, and your options will certainly become much wider because more of the available styles fall within the average budget. At the end of the day, these windows represent a truly viable alternative that will provide you far greater value in return for the money spent.