Check Your Home For Any Problems Before Winter Arrives

Posted on Oct 11 2015 - 10:45am by Johnny B

The fact is, winter is once again, on the way. As homeowners, it’s our responsibility to check our homes for any damage and fix it before the winter sets in. You might think that the cracked tile on the roof can wait until spring, but unless you want to pay for a whole new roof, it can’t.

As a father, for me, one of the most important things is ensuring that my family always have a roof over their heads. I know from experience, that if you don’t take care of your home properly, it can end up in a bad state. I always want my kids to have a safe and secure home to live in, which is why, when it comes to taking care of my house, I am extra vigilant.


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I always make sure, that before winter arrives, I check my home for any problems. As even simple issues, like a missing roof tile, can lead to all sorts of issues. In case you want to know more about checking your home for issues, before winter sets in, here are my top tips:

Check your roof

As I mentioned above, something as simple as a cracked or missing roof tile can lead to all sorts of problems. If water leaks through your roof into your attic, it can lead to the wood rotting and all sorts of other issues.

Checking your roof for any problems is much simpler than you would think. The first thing that you need to do is start off by looking in your loft with a flashlight to check for any outside light that is coming in. If you notice any sunlight streaming in, this may mean that there is a problem with one of your tiles.

The next step is to use a ladder to climb onto the roof and have a look at the tiles – you should be able to spot any damaged or missing tiles. If you do notice any problems, it’s crucial that you fix them before the cold weather arrives. The wind, rain, and snow will only make any issues worse.

Check your doors and windows

When it comes to the winter, for me, one of the most important things is my home’s energy usage. If there are cracks or gaps in doors or windows, including the garage door, this leads to extra energy being used. That’s why, before winter sets in, I always ensure that I check all the doors and windows in my home.

Start off by walking around the exterior of your home checking the outside of each door and window. Look for cracks in the glass or wood, and gaps around the frame.

Last year, when I was checking my home, I noticed that there was a problem with my garage door. I didn’t think it was too much of a problem until I realized that it was letting heat escape. If your garage door is broken or cracked, it’s a good idea to look into garage door repair. As otherwise, it could lead to heat escaping through the gap.

Unclog your gutters

Over the year, lots of debris, like leaves, can land in your guttering, clogging it up. During the winter, there is often a high percentage of rain, which means that if you don’t unclog your gutters, they could overflow.

If your gutters end up overflowing, the water will run down the side of your house. This can not only damage your exterior walls, but if it then sits beside your house, it can cause problems with your home’s foundations.

If you want to ensure that your home is ready for winter, make sure to take note of my tips, above.