What Benefits Come with Using Timber for Your Gazebo?

Posted on Oct 31 2017 - 10:24am by Johnny B

Timber gazebos are a little more expensive than those made using vinyl or iron, and yet timber is still by far the most popular material. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that timber comes with several benefits that other gazebo materials simply don’t boast.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll thank yourself for investing in a timber gazebo instead of an iron or vinyl one.

Perfect Appearance

Gazebos made of timber have a very natural appearance that fits well with outside spaces. Wood is also a little more upscale than either iron or vinyl, and you can choose the way it looks by finishing and painting it to your own specifications. As time goes by, timber will age pleasantly, providing a sense of character that is lost when you opt for vinyl or iron, which both tend to show their age through chips, dents, and rust rather than natural weathering.

Suited to the Elements

Timber that has been properly treated will stand up well to the elements. Yes, you will need to re-treat it every few years, but that task doesn’t take too long. For your effort, you’ll have a gazebo that can stand the test of time regardless of the temperature or weather.

Ideal for Customization

Timber gazebo kits often come with plenty of room for customization, especially compared against iron and vinyl kits. You’ll be able to fit screen doors, experiment with shapes, and choose between single or double roof. Timber can also be worked more finely than either iron or vinyl, so you’ll find that timber gazebos offer more interesting edging.

Perfect All Year Round  

Vinyl and iron heat up quite a lot during the summer and get very cool during the winter. This isn’t ideal if you want a gazebo that can be used for most of the year. A timber gazebo might cost more, but you’re going to be able to use it more.