Alternative Gift Guide for Kiddos

Posted on Oct 9 2015 - 9:03pm by Johnny B

Children’s birthdays can be both enjoyable and stressful at the same time and from the cake to the entertainment to who makes the list of attendees; there is an abundance of planning to do. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges you are certain to face is the matter of picking out birthday gift that suits both you and your little one. With the allure of modern technology and computer games, your kiddos are likely to present you with a never ending list of extortionately priced and often unsuitable gadgets and gizmos.

While it’s essential to let your child have a say in choosing something they desire, birthdays also provide a wonderful opportunity for you to surprise them with a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift. In today’s world, kids’ gifts can be quite costly, but by seeking out attractive deals and utilizing discount codes like the goodbuygear promo code, you can find affordable yet high-quality presents that cater to both your child’s needs and your budget. If you’re feeling uncertain about the ideal gift for your little one, consider these alternative gift ideas:


Plants, Seeds and Tools

What better way than to encourage your child to learn more about nurturing their surroundings then to supply them with the tools to do so. Plants, seeds and garden tools allow your little one to expand their knowledge of how the world works, with visible and satisfying results. From sunflowers to fruit and vegetables, there are plenty of things to choose from, and by growing your own produce, you can cook and sample the finished product together too! Gardening is an activity that is suitable for a range of ages and is something the whole family can enjoy, although it is advisable to supervise younger children, especially when using sharp tools.


The night sky is both intriguing and mysterious, and is perfect for the budding astrologist! Telescopes can be used by children of any age – although they may not appreciate it until they are a little older – and can be used to view constellations, planets and if you’re lucky, shooting stars! With major astrological events such as the total lunar eclipse and Lyrids meteor coming up, there’s no better time to invest in one of these wonderful observation tools!

Nesting Dolls

Russia’s most popular souvenirs, nesting dolls, otherwise known as matryoshka dolls, are wooden figurines that are used as toys for children. These statues of wood not only represent family and its traditions but also displays the close-knit bond between them. This game brings out the tenacity of a child and tests his/her patience as it is required for them to open up all the figurines, the smallest being the hardest to open. You could also teach the kids about the culture of the country of its origin, incorporate new games with them and nurture your child’s spatial and visual intelligence through nesting dolls.


Penny Board

If your kiddo is an adrenaline loving little one, then why not opt for a Penny Board. These plastic versions of skateboards are perhaps better suited to your older children and are certainly something that should be supplied with knee padding, helmets, et al, but they are a fantastic way of encouraging your kids to be a little more active. Companies like Librance stock a variety of these brightly coloured boards, and they provide hours of fun whilst your child to learns an array of clever tricks!